Reuters Pulls Story Dismissing Cheaper iPhone

Reuters Pulls Story Dismissing Cheaper iPhone

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Reuters has pulled its story based on a Shanghai Evening News report that had Apple's Phil Schiller dismissing talk of a cheaper iPhone.

Reuters has withdrawn the story headlined "Apple exec dismisses cheaper phone as a market share grab-report" which was based on a Shanghai Evening News report that was subsequently updated with substantial changes to its content.

TNW verified with Apple that it was an official interview so it's unclear what about the initial report was inaccurate.

DigiTimes, the WSJ, and Bloomberg have all reported that the company plans to release a low cost iPhone this year to address emerging markets.

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Reuters Pulls Story Dismissing Cheaper iPhone
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MoreAnnoyed - January 13, 2013 at 10:54pm
What a stupid assumption. I can afford to buy every generation of the iPhone when it comes out and I've done so until the iPhone 4S came out. I don't see the phone evolving anymore aside from expected hardware refreshes and as such no longer worthy of my investment. The ability to buy an iPhone does not automatically elevate you to another level. I've seen people financially better off than me use their iPhones merely for call and SMS. Money cannot buy you technical proficiency and judging from what I've seen here, neither can it buy some common sense.
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