T-Mobile Responds to AT&T's Attack Ad [Images]

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T-Mobile has released three new ads in response to an AT&T ad that attacked the quality of its network, reports TmoNews.

The ads read:
● Can You See The Beads of Sweat In This Ads?

● What Keeps AT&T Up At Night? Apparently Us.

● If AT&T Thought Our Network Wasn't Great, Why Did They Try To Buy It?

If you've seen AT&T's recent ads, someone is obviously worried. With T-Mobile turning up the heat, they apparently feel the need to take cheap shots at our network. Well, don't take AT&T's word for it, or ours for that matter. See the facts about T-Mobile's 4G network for yourself at t-mobile.com/coverage.

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zeppy - March 8, 2013 at 10:44pm
Left AT&T in 2010 after being with AT&T since 1995. T-Mobile has been the best experience in every aspect especially in price. 2 iPhones and 3 Android smartphones currently with T-Mobile for $114/month. This includes all taxes and fees as well as unlimited text and 4 data plans. $114/month. T-Mobile is looking better than ever!! Love You T-Mobile!!!
JoshvanHulst - March 7, 2013 at 5:31am
Haha this is viral! I love the spats between AT&T and T-mobile. T-mobile has definitely stepped up after the merger went sour. They aren't giving up the fight in being more competitive with gaining more customers
Hye100% - March 7, 2013 at 4:31am
Tmobile rocks. My iPhone 5 on tmobile gets 15mbs download and it reads 3G but it's faster than my cousins AT&T iPhone 5LTE. As far as price!! Tmobile is the cheapest bar none! 4 phones 2 unlimited everything, including True unlimited Internet-$135 a month ( I do have a corporate discount though. Go tmobile. Oh yeah, don't have a 2 year agreement either I can cancel any time. And I save enough money every year to buy me a brand new unlocked iPhone.
TMobile FUckk U - March 7, 2013 at 3:42am
Tmobile has the worst service on the planet. Its not always how much you save.Its about how much you are actually using it. Trust me I used to have T-mobile. Some areas NO service ,I can see the signal drops like crazy. Friend of mine has 3 phones with unlimited data .Hes currently paying $321 a month. I am paying with 3 iPhone 5's $169 with 10Gig to share.When I had T-mobile.I only used iPhones So I had to pay a premium for those Phones $400 a piece.That was so stupid of me. I was a dumb ass..I am kicking myself in the ass right now.Now im with att their service is top notch.I used to wait 20 25 minutes to talk to someone on tmobile. Now I have an upgrade every year.I pay my bill 2 weeks in advance .Att loves me.when I call they treat me like gold..when you pay your bills on time any provider will give you a still treat. They knew if they piss me off,I can afford to terminate my contract anytime,go somewhere else. So another work T-MOBILE SUCKS!! Still no f%%cking iPhone ???.wtf
Trollspray - March 7, 2013 at 5:58am
1. It's all about location. Where I live, AT&T sucks, literally (1-2 bars). T-Mobile on the other hand works flawlessly in this area. To be fair, my signal was stronger with AT&T at my work. 2. Since my switch from AT&T to T-Mobile, I pay $190 unlim talk/data/txt for the whole family (all iphones) on their 'sim only value plan' 3. In my case, t-mobile's customer service was always fast and easy to talk with. 4. T-mobile will probably never offer the iPhone because they offer cheaper subsidized monthly payments. (Sure you pay $199 for the new iphone but i'm spending consderably much less on my monthly. 5. I sent this on my iphone using T-mobile's network
ald - March 7, 2013 at 7:24pm
this one of stuppid comments ever, I guess you just start to using cell phone and you have no idea of what are you talking.. as some other mentioned its all based on location and avaialbility service in your area. NONE of US Carrier said or stated that they service coverage will be cover all area read fine print first. Honestly, AT&T Verizon Sprint Tmobile MetroPCs BOOST NExtell and More more.. coverage area are based on your location if you in what they all call DeadZone of that carrier then you will either get no signal or very weak signal. Depen on where you use your cellphone the mose then go for that carrrier have better signal in that location. At my work Either Sprint AT&T or Tmobile have signal once I enter the building I will have no service or about 1 bar max. But verizon full strenght signal. When I get to my home Sprint Have no signal at all when i'm inside my house. my friend live about a block from me When she inside the house she have no signal from AT&T. because deadzone as carrier alway called. Tmobile when i'm driving and making a call alway got drop signal or call fail. I have using cell since 1997.. I have been throught all carrier so if you said AT&T have better service then you are wrong and if you said Sprint Tmobile or other carrier have band service you are wrong too. All of them worst Those greed baster alway want your money trust me.. I recall back in 2001 cell phone plan very cheap only 30 bucks I could have 1K min. Plus free night an weekend free Unlimited Text now no more kekeke. later in 2003 and 2005. 40 plan you can get 1K min free night and weekend free text free 2GPRS internet... Famility plan 60$ you can get 1K Min plust free night and weekend start at 7PM plus free text.... Now look 2007 until now price for postpaid plan increate 2X and no optional feature free. Like I said All wireless carrier are croock..... but we stuppid and we need it LOL.
la ALLEN - March 7, 2013 at 2:02am
I am waiting for T-mobile to get up to snuff for my iphone 5, then ATT can kiss good bye...
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