Apple Stops Selling Bose Headphones and Speakers

Apple Stops Selling Bose Headphones and Speakers

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Apple has stopped selling Bose speakers, headphones, and other accessories in its online and retail stores (via 9to5). We first reported that Apple would be removing all Bose products from its stores last week, and it seems Apple has finally pulled the plug.

We've contacted several retail stores, and they too have confirmed that Apple has removed all Bose products form its Point of Sale (POS) system, meaning this change is likely permanent and there is no way to sell any Bose product.

Bose and Beats were in a patent suit over noise cancellation, but that was recently settled.

The NFL currently has a sponsorship deal with Bose, which bans players form wearing Beats headphones on camera. Some NFL players have been fined because of this rule. Beats Co-Founder commented on the ban, calling Bose 'culturally inept.'

Apple Stops Selling Bose Headphones and Speakers
AllGood - October 19, 2014 at 7:26pm
Bose sales dwindle, Beats popularity increases. Apple buys Beats, Bose bans Headphones in NFL, Apple kicks Bose to the curve with such nonsense. Bose sues Beats owned by Apple, Apple stops selling anything with Bose on it. The obviously bully is Bose but can't bully a bigger guy who ain't going to take shiet from anyone. Apple Wins!!
lepaka - October 20, 2014 at 5:29am
i am not so sure, history is full of smaller guys who nailed down the bigger Golias. anyway beats is a fashion trend, in quality matters they don't fit on the Rock, Metal, Classic, Jazz or derivatives, you see them on POP fast-music consumer, Bose will continue being the winner for those you likes to hear music played by musicians. By the way i love my Marshall Speaker and Headphones ... if you like music, keep yourself away from beats
AllGood - October 20, 2014 at 9:03am
If Beats such a fashion trend then why is Bose making all attempts to put multicolored on their headphones. I own Bose QC 1 and 15, the weakness with Bose is the drivers can't handle the deeper bass and certainly can't handle certain frequency without giving away the fact it's a tad bit underpowered. Not all beats are worth the money they are asking for but there are selections to the haedphones I don't see with Bose. Home entertainment is where Bose shines and where beats needs to get real.
lepaka - October 20, 2014 at 9:47am
having colorful doen't make them good. before i even think to try a beats thing, i would rather to buy without any double a vulgar sony headphones, one of those cheaper than $100 leaves beats away behind. thats why i say they are just a good fashion branche good for fast-consumer music. who likes real music, played by musicians, will go always to look for the good ones, bose, harman kardon, marshall, b&o ... for beats, they can try to chanlange the sony, sennheiser and all those mid class headphones. Apple just bought them because besides all the effords last 15 years, they were never able to develop an hearphone capable, and now they have the chance to integrate something from a middle level in their products. of course Apple management are selling that beats is the best choice in the world, they were always good markting sellers.
Nuck Chorris - October 20, 2014 at 2:25pm
@AllGood: Nice story but you have the facts all wrong.
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