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$39.99 - $60.00
Price: $39.99 - $60.00
Protect yourself and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses with the help of powerful UV Clean.
$379.00 - $409.00
Price: $379.00 - $409.00
Measure your blood oxygen level.
Price: $299.95 (List: $299.95)
NURVV Run insoles and coaching app accurately capture your running from the point of action, then analyzes your running using biomechanical principals to deliver actionable insights and in-run coaching, so you know how to improve your running technique.
Price: $199.95 (List: $199.95)
Traditional cycling helmets are only useful if you get into a crash.
$59.99 - $64.99
Price: $59.99 - $64.99
Meet HidrateSpark STEEL, the world's smartest water bottle ever created.
Price: $159.00 (List: $199.00)
Breathe clean air no matter where life takes you.
$29.95 - $199.00

Price: $29.95 - $199.00
$98.58 - $179.95
Price: $98.58 - $179.95
Withings Sleep offers sleep cycles (deep, light & REM), snore detection and heart rate.
$349.00 - $419.00
Price: $349.00 - $419.00
The Apple Watch Series 5 debuts an Always-On Retina display that never sleeps, so it’s easy to see the time and other important information, without raising or tapping the display.
Price: $14.98 (List: $14.98)

  • 100% PREMIUM LYCRA - Our Premium Athletic Series Running Armband is made with 100% Lycra - luxurious to the touch, ultra-light weight, gentle on the skin, water and sweat resistant and highly durable.
Price: $99.99 (List: $99.99)
One of the most accurate personal breathalyzers on the market, the award-winning BACtrack Mobile integrates a smartphone and a police-grade breathalyzer to bring breath alcohol content (BAC) to your Apple iPhone, Google or Samsung brand Android device, wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Price: $49.00 (List: $49.00)
Made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer, the Sport Band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft.
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