Forstall Refused to Sign Letter Apologizing for Maps?

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Information about Apple's executive shakeup is beginning to trickle out with Fortune reporting that Forstall was canned due to failures with Siri and Maps.

The site reports that the shakeup follows several troubling occurrences at the company including missing analyst expectations for two consecutive quarters, Browett trying to nickel-and-dime employees, Siri shortcomings, a widely criticized 'genius' ad campaign, and a Maps application that was released before it was ready.

Apparently, Forstall refused to sign the letter apologizing for Maps.

I also heard that Forstall refused to sign the letter apologizing for the mapping fiasco, sealing his fate at Apple. (He has worked for two companies in his career, both founded by Steve Jobs: Next and Apple. He's also a big San Francisco Giants fan. Win some, lose some.) Seeing as Forstall oversaw and publicly demoed Siri and maps, we know at least that the Apple culture is intact: Forstall was the directly responsible individual, or DRI, on Siri and maps. Now he is gone. He will remain an advisor to Cook until "next year," Apple said in a post-market news release. This is a formality intended to keep Forstall from ringing up Samsung.

In addition it's said that Forstall didn't get along with Jonathan Ive, Apple's key product designer. Now Forstall is on the way out and Ive is put in charge of Human Interface (HI) for the company.

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Mukai - October 31, 2012 at 3:31pm
Looks like a douche to me.
Forstall - October 31, 2012 at 7:56am
Tim Cook Force me Sign Letter Apologizing for Maps, I already give my opinion that don drop google Map and IOS 6 is under Beta Use. But TIM COOK force me to release the IOS 6 to market :)
verao - October 31, 2012 at 1:50am
I recently sent an email to Tim Cook basically saying that he should resign. Steve Jobs would never have put a man in to replace him and do better than he did. Turns out I thought that Forstall was going to be Apple's next CEO, and we got Tim Cook instead, proving my theory. Now Tim Cook got rid of Forstall, the one guy that could challenge his position in the company. It's not Forstall's fault if something went wrong with iOS6, if Tim Cook gave the go ahead!! Steve Jobs would NEVER have aloud this new Dial Pad on iOS6 to be released. It's Tim Cook's lack of creativity that will bring Apple down. He can fire as many people as he wants, until the Board (hopefully) wakes up and realizes that HE is the problem.
ratGT - October 30, 2012 at 8:45pm
Damn what a complete failure you are when it comes to 'tech' knowledge and history! If anyone is THE LEAST innovative, that's Google! On the other hand, they have one of the 'fatest wallets' and therefore they BUY innovation (as in 'buying' third-party programers, teams and companies and embodying them to their current technologies). Read deeply on computer history and THEN come back with a proper comment... You illiterate, constantly-bickering bitch!
Detour - October 31, 2012 at 12:26am
@ratGT i think you need to do some researches before flaming at someone. What did Apple actually make themself recently? Lets see. Passbook? No there were tons of carding apps. They only made it stock app on ios6. Apple map?? No. Google map was there and they'll never gonna catch up. Also got help from tomtom. Notification? No they just took it from cydia app(lockinfo). And the whole idea came from android(stated from the developer). Panorama picture? No. 8 freaking megapixel camera? Others had them ages ago. Appstore? I bought an widget from samsung phone back in 2005. 2years before the iphone. Application? Idea stolen from jailbreakers........ The terms of "innovative" is brining something new that others dont have. But Apple never had something new. So, yeah. Learn some histories :)
ratGT - October 31, 2012 at 1:12am
@Detour ---- It's ok, I was prepared for another uneducated fandroid cockroach to show up and defend the previous cockroach! But I'm not going to waste my time explaining to an inferior and hate-blinded being of your kind, about whom was the first one to EVER release the milestone of mobile history, a unique multitouch smartphone with a first-of-its-kind OS that EVERYBODY copied from in the upcoming years! (and in case you didn't get it you brainless freak, that's iPhone and its iOS I was talking about!...)
Detour - October 31, 2012 at 2:13am
Hahahahaha you couldnt explain or make comebacks for any of my statements but wrote this long for QQing. Purely moronic whos desperated for attentions and now bashing on people without a single idea what you are talking about. There are 2 Biggest reasons for apple fanboys became apple fan. 1st, its an US company which makes them to support. 2nd, they think apple has so much loyalties that supporting them makes them look good. But listen, if you are old enough, and knowing IT areas, apple is not THAT loyalty compare to other big ones. Its both sad and awkward to see couple retards on internet trying so hard to defend their faliing-down company. Again, you couldnt make a single comeback from my words and saying that I'm bilnd? I must made you angey for being smarter(knowing better) than you. Then sorry :) Also you call smarter people Cockroaches? Well, if you consider cockroaches being above your head, i guess thats fine. Lastly, sorry to say that I'm not a fanboy of either compamy. Well I do look like an android fanboy because I had to correct comments from retarded apple fanboy like you :)
iGayified - October 30, 2012 at 4:11pm
No worries. Foreskin's tough. He can take it.
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