Apple to Release iOS 8 Beta 3 on July 8?

Apple to Release iOS 8 Beta 3 on July 8?

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Apple is reportedly planning to release the third beta of iOS 8 on July 8, according to BGR, making it approximately three weeks from the previous beta 2 seed. Apple usually likes to release the first few betas every two weeks or so, until it gradually shifts into three week intervals as the testing phase progresses.

Apple’s iOS 8 software is moving along the usual path to general consumer release later this fall, with new beta versions being made available to developers for testing approximately every two weeks. Unfortunately, we have learned from trusted sources that iOS 8 beta 3 won’t be released to developers until Tuesday, July 8th. This would mean a three-week gap between when iOS 8 beta 2 was released on June 17th, and beta 3′s release.

BGR does have a good track record when it comes to iOS firmware releases, especially beta seeds. Many have reported iOS 8 Beta 2 to be buggier than the first release, so we'll see how beta 3 does.

There's a lot of changes in iOS 8. Here's a few of the changes we've posted on already: Continuity, Health, iCloud Drive, Family Sharing, Photos, Camera, Mail, Safari, Messages, QuickType, Third-Party Keyboards, Interactive Notifications, and Contact Shortcuts.

Apple to Release iOS 8 Beta 3 on July 8?
Badboy - June 26, 2014 at 9:35pm
I hope so. I enjoy ios8 but both betas have their issues. Beta 1 had lots of crashing. Beta 2 made siri nearly unusable for me.