Apple Demands Wireless Industry Partnership Stop Using the Words \'App Store\'

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Apple has sent a cease and desist letter to the Wireless Industry Partnership demanding they stop using the words 'app store'.

According to a post on WIP's blog, Apple wants them to stop using the term 'app store' in the title of their App Store Catalog and the App Store Reports they provide for developers. Apple is claiming they own the trademark to the term and says WIP's use "improperly suggests to U.S. consumers that numerous companies offer an APP STORE mobile download service, when in fact the term APP STORE refers exclusively to Apple's groundbreaking download service."

WIP responds noting that "Steve Jobs hasn't gotten a similar letter, since even he uses the term generically to refer to any of what the lawyers suggest we call 'mobile download services' or 'application download services'."

Apple's trademark application was rejected multiple times by the USPTO before it was even accepted. It has since been objected to by multiple sources including Microsoft, Amazon, HTC, Nokia, and Sony.

While Apple only served WIP with a cease and desist, it sued Amazon for use of the words 'app store'. Amazon has requested that a judge throw out the Apple lawsuit.

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