iAds Has Helped Its Competition

iAds Has Helped Its Competition

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Apple's launch of iAds into the mobile advertising space has actually helped its competition, according to an article by the WSJ.

Instead of losing business, ad executives say Apple's entry into the market is giving them a boost. That's because iAds has gotten big marketers to pay attention to mobile advertising in the first place

Apple has "brought sexiness to mobile ads," said Carnet Williams, chief executive of San Francisco-based Sprout Inc., which helps create and deliver interactive ads. Mr. Williams said it has gotten roughly four times as many calls from publishers and agencies since Apple turned the spotlight on iAds.

The WSJ also reports that Apple has been addressing the initial complaints about iAds by beefing up its staff, reducing the time it takes to produce the ads, and loosening its tight control.

Two days ago Apple announced its launch of iAds in Japan. The company is expected to continue expanding iAds into Europe.

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iAds Has Helped Its Competition