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How to Use Your Bluetooth Headset in Leopard

How to Use Your Bluetooth Headset in Leopard

Posted October 30, 2007 at 7:32pm · 1 comment · Add Comment
Ryan Gray
Ryan Gray - March 30, 2008 at 10:03pm
I've found OS X, especially Leopard, to be touchy about using Bluetooth headsets. I followed these steps, which are the standard procedure, but I would get no audio. It would say connected, but as if the audio was just going into the bit bucket as iTunes or whatever played on in silence. What I found was the problem for me was that setting up the device will automatically make it a Bluetooth favorite, which is fine for a keyboard or mouse, but perhaps not for a headset. To make it not a favorite, you have to select it in the Bluetooth preferences, then click on the gear menu next to the +/- buttons. On that menu, choose "show more info". You should see more info in the right pane, including that your headset is marked as a favorite. Now go back to the gear menu, which now shows more items. Choose "remove from favorites". To use the headset without problems, I then tap the button on the headset (don't select "Use headset" in the Bluetooth menubar menu for the headset). After a second, OS X will bring up a dialog asking if you want to use the headset. Selecting to use it will then connect the audio input and output to it. To stop using the headset you then do go to the Bluetooth menubar menu for the headset and choose "Stop using headset". I found that this was the only way it would work properly. It's not bad once I figured it out, but before that, I was doing the same things I used to do all the time in Tiger, and it was not working at all. At least this way, I just have to turn on the headset, then tap its button, wait for the dialog to use and press enter. With Tiger, I would turn on the headset, then use SoundSource to select the headset as the output (and input if I wanted), but sometimes the connection would fail.
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