Samsung Galaxy S 4 Benchmarks at Nearly Twice the Speed of the iPhone 5 [Chart]

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Benchmarks at Nearly Twice the Speed of the iPhone 5 [Chart]

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Primate Labs has posted benchmarks scores for the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 revealing that the device is nearly twice as fast as the iPhone 5.

I've charted the Geekbench 2 scores for the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with several Android phones, the iPhone 5, and the BlackBerry Z10. If you're not familiar with Geekbench 2, higher scores are better.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 scored an amazing 3100, exceeding the HTC One at 2687 and nearly doubling the iPhone 5 at 1596. Notably, the new BlackBerry Z10 only scores 1480 and the previous generation Galaxy S 3 scores 1410.

The site notes that it is amazing how quickly smartphone performance has improved. The original iPhone debuted with a Geekbench score of just 130.

Take a look at the chart below...

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Benchmarks at Nearly Twice the Speed of the iPhone 5 [Chart]

Pete - March 20, 2013 at 11:16am
CPU and memory benchmarking is a waste of time and typical of tech head thinking with a belief that better hardware = improved experience. It's really all about the execution of the package as a whole with true performance measurements conducted with real world apps. That's a usability benchmark, not a cpu capability benchmark.
Techspit - March 20, 2013 at 2:57pm
Exactly that's why in one of my test videos I put the i5 next to SG3 and Note 2, i5 loaded web pages faster, took multiple pictures/video faster and processed them quicker, and also opened apps, and ran graphic intensive games quicker than both devices. But IT HAS A SMALLER BENCHMARK, so I guess you are right.
Buster Cherry - March 20, 2013 at 3:52am
My iPhone 4S is still good enough for me for a few more months. Are there faster, more powerful, more customizable phones? Absolutely. But for my needs, it's nice and compact, looks great, has awesome camera, beautiful form and fit, quality build, and offers a great selection of useful apps. I don't really play games on it. That's what my iPad is for, or Xbox etc. I don't need my phone to be faster than my desktop. I have no lag on anything I run on my phone. Is it fragile? Yes, but I'm careful, just like carrying your camera, or glasses etc. Customizable? Limited but its not that important to me. Big screen? not compared to others, but its still razor sharp. i dont watch movies on my phone. i have ipad or tv for that. The most important aspect for me is how it interacts with my iPad, my Apple TV, my company issued ip4 my wife's ip5 with no hassles. Sharing music, vids, passbook, photos. Icloud. photo stream. Same cables, chargers, and docks etc. Everyone knows someone with iPod, iPhone, or iPad etc. 75 percent of my texting is via iMessage. It just works hassle free. I just don't get why the big dick contest. I evaluate based on real-life usage for my situation and needs, not some lab test numbers.
DavidG - March 21, 2013 at 4:04am
True on all that. I would still prefer it to be a little larger. Not all of us have small fingers and some of us like to do all that you do not do. After all, it was the reason smart phones came out. It's easier to carry the phone than an iPad, especially where it isn't safe to carry one around. I agree with all but I would like a larger phone as we all have different needs.
Techspit - March 19, 2013 at 8:59pm
But during a demo the Galaxy S4 seemed choppy and much less fluid than even a 40+ substrate running iOS 6.x i5. Why is this? Such processor power but why the framerate issue or look of choppyness during swipes/navigation?
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