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Thousands Gather for Opening of First Apple Store in Berlin [Video]

Thousands Gather for Opening of First Apple Store in Berlin [Video]

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Around 3,000 Apple fans gathered for the grand opening of Berlin's first Apple Store in the Kurfürstendamm shopping district, reports RuptlyTV. Some had waited in line for up to 35 hours to be the first ones inside the new store.

200 Apple employees speaking 12 different languages and from 20 nationalities reportedly launched the event, along with several dozen security agents and scores of media. The new Ku'Damm store is Apple's 11th in Germany, signalling the growing popularity of Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone in the lucrative German market.

Although the retail storefront is located in a historic building, the design remains in line with Apple's trademark minimalist approach, with only two small Apple logos mounted on the front to attract customers. The store also features a 360-degree Genius Bar, Apple's very own tech support station found in every one of its retail stores. Two giant displays of Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, grace onlookers from the store windows.

Take a look at the grand opening in the video below...

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zodbuster - May 5, 2013 at 9:27pm
Why not show the thousands of bales of forb, free food for the iSheep, compliments of Apple
dribble - May 5, 2013 at 12:47am
They must've been selling the Samsung Galaxy S4...oh, wait, nobody gets excited about Samsung. Nevermind.