Apple Patent Chief Boris Teksler Leaves for Technicolor

Apple Patent Chief Boris Teksler Leaves for Technicolor

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Apple's head of Patent Licensing & Strategy Boris Teksler has left the company to take a position as President of Technology at Technicolor, reports AppleInsider.

According to the site, Teksler played an important role in Apple's lawsuits against Samsung, even testifying in the case.

Teksler revealed he warned late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and then-COO Tim Cook in 2010 that Samsung's smartphones may infringe on the iPhone's patents. Teksler even created a presentation outlining the patents Samsung was believed to have infringed upon, including inventions related to "rubber-banding," e-mail threading, and gesture heuristics. The issues pointed out by Teksler proved to be so serious that Jobs and Cook themselves met with Samsung executives to discuss the matter. When an agreement could not be reached, the lawsuits started.

“We didn’t understand how a trusted partner would build a copycat product like that,” he said.

An official press release from Technicolor confirms his move to the company.

"Boris Teksler is a skilled executive with a unique combination of skills including protecting intellectual assets and driving focused innovation to commercial success," said Frederic Rose, Chief Executive Officer at Technicolor. "The Technology Group is tasked with extending our licensing growth and Teksler’s experience in mobile licensing makes him well suited for the position."

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Apple Patent Chief Boris Teksler Leaves for Technicolor

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