Apple Reportedly Seeking US Samsung Device Sales Ban

Apple Reportedly Seeking US Samsung Device Sales Ban

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Apple is looking to turn the tables on Samsung, and will reportedly ask a U.S. appeals court to ban certain Samsung devices that were found in violation of Apple patents. Apple just recently praised Obama for vetoing the ban placed on Apple products for a similar reason.

The company will ask a U.S. appeals court tomorrow to block sales of Samsung models a California jury found violated patents for the iPhone’s look and features. Later, a U.S. trade agency is expected to say if it will halt some Samsung imports based on other Apple patent-infringement claims.

Models like the Galaxy S2, the Droid Charge and tablets like the Galaxy Tab could be affected if Apple where to win this appeal for a ban. Most of these products are no longer sold so it would most likely not hurt Samsung in the long run.

South Korea criticized the Obama Administration over the decision to veto the import ban on certain Apple devices. Any move to ban South Korea's Samsung device would surely hurt even more.

Apple initially won $1 billion in damages although the Judge later voided almost half of that amount due to an error.

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Apple Reportedly Seeking US Samsung Device Sales Ban

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