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iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked? [Video]

iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked? [Video]

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Unboxtherapy has posted a new video showing off leaked Smart Covers for the upcoming iPad 5.

In this video we get a closer look at what will likely be the Smart Covers for the upcoming iPad 5. As you'll see, many of the colors are familiar and carried forward from the previous generation of Smart Covers. As the evidence mounts, the likelihood of a new form factor for the full size iPad increases. This video features a number of color choices including orange, red, pink, green, grey, white, black and blue.

You can see some close up photos of the rumored iPad 5 in 'space gray' and silver by click here.

Take a look at the Smart Covers in the video below...

[via Halle]

iivann - September 26, 2013 at 5:25pm
i thought apple replaced smart cover with smart case after ipad 3? and ipad mini cover magnetic strap is covered in poly, no more bare magnet strap. this is like going backwards.
APPLE QUALITY - September 26, 2013 at 4:55pm
This one is STUPID becose when u want to sell is demage on the back is better the other one the case cover all in ebay is $ 16.00 like new