Samsung Posts 'Golden' History of Samsung Phones to Silence Critics

Samsung Posts 'Golden' History of Samsung Phones to Silence Critics

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Following criticism that it copied Apple by releasing a gold Galaxy S4, Samsung has posted the 'Golden' History of Samsung Phones in an attempt to silence its critics.

The post highlights eight devices that Samsung released in a gold color dating back to 2004, before the iPhone existed.

In a Facebook post, the company also notes that the first Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition was available in stores on September 8th, even before Apple announced the iPhone 5s. Of course, parts for a gold iPhone leaked out months ago.

Take a look below...

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Samsung Posts 'Golden' History of Samsung Phones to Silence Critics

JP - September 29, 2013 at 9:01am
Serious question here, so what exactly has changed about this iPhone 5S? Other than the color and the fingerprint unlock for the phone. iOS 7 you can get on your iPhone 5 so that's not new, so what else am I looking at here? I don't want to go to the Apple website or call customer service to get an answer I want to hear it from you consumers and experts on the subject don't mean to sound sarcastic but some of you make yourselves out to be experts(and maybe you are, who knows).
Kumag - September 29, 2013 at 12:37pm
What more CHANGES you want to say! Coz you already said all CHANGES...ulol..
toxic - September 30, 2013 at 6:55am
A7 chip with 64 bit architecture (google if u don't know this) M7 motion Co processor Faster graphics Touch Id scans ur sub epidemical skin layers (pls google and enlighten urself the use of this) 8MP camera with 1.5 micron pixels (dont say nokia made a one with 500MP whats the use of 8MP, Please read) 2.2 aperture True tone flash (please google or contact Apple CC) 1.2 MP face time 2 times faster GPU (please google) device has live gameplay capabilities, desktop power on your palm. and guess what!! its solid and u wont feel cheap carrying it around. Watch 2007 iphone keynote, (go to theres a blank white area on the top of that site u can type. use your keyboard and type "2007 iPhone keynote" and wait till the page load and click on the colorful box with the title "2007 iphone keynote" and dont do anything. just watch) This is to show u how it was before iphone came in to picture. take care. read more, use ur internet connection usefully
JP - October 1, 2013 at 10:16am
@toxic thanks bro for not being a smart ass. I will look into that phone if they are still available of course once again thanks for your feedback
Steve, God of technology - October 1, 2013 at 11:14am
That's why he did his research like I showing proof thank you so much!
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