ABI Research: Android is Now Leading the Tablet Market

ABI Research: Android is Now Leading the Tablet Market

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ABI Research reports that Apple's iPad has 'passed the baton' to the Android ecosystem. According to the report, during the second quarter of 2013, Android tablets sold surpassed iOS tablets sold, revenues reached parity, and the average selling price of the iPad dropped closer to market average.

Overall shipments in the quarter dropped 17% sequentially while growing 23% year-over-year for the same quarterly period. “Smaller 7-inch class tablets are finally the majority of shipments,” says senior practice director Jeff Orr. “The 7.9-inch iPad mini represented about 60% of total iPad shipments and 49% of iPad-related device revenues in the quarter.” Tablet shipments in the second quarter of 2013 achieved revenues of $12.7 billion. For the first time, iPad represented only 50% of worldwide end-user revenues. Apple split the market with all other branded vendors at $6.3 billion in the quarter.

Notably, the average selling price of the iPad dropped 17% while the average selling price of other tablets increased 17% in the past year. This is due to the introduction of the smaller and cheaper iPad mini.

“Twelve months is a long time for the peak lifecycle of a contemporary tablet. To remain a leader, Apple must continue to innovate and address real-world market needs,” adds Orr.

Apple is widely expected to release a new iPad 5 in October; however, it's unclear if the company will launch a new Retina Display iPad mini at the same time.

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ABI Research: Android is Now Leading the Tablet Market

Laso - September 30, 2013 at 11:37pm
Android (with almost hundreds vendors) VS ios (just Apple)? How fair?
Tom - September 30, 2013 at 8:12pm
Quality over quantity, baby! I don't want a buggy OS ruining my tablet experience. Besides, the malware that's widespread in the Android ecosystem is appaling, to say the least.
TryThinking - September 30, 2013 at 8:06pm
Really? Cheap manufactures like Asus? Please do some research, Apple have sweatshops with ridiculous working conditions making cheap products with outrages warranty prices. Nexus 10 is manufactured by Samsung with quality parts and more options. Microsoft tablets have more ports like HDMI and usb ports with a stylus (depending on which kind). You have a variety of brands to choose from for your liking, with the same Android OS that is fully customizable without a jailbreak needed. It is open-source, so you can do much more, useful for making projects and documents instead of being limited by exclusive apps, like Apple has, that go through various conversions that are expensive. Play Store offers great free apps, and you can download files directly without a download manager. Apple fans are just afraid of change and stick with a limited kid drawn OS. NSA was right, for once, some of you are zombies!
TheRealNoGoodNick - September 30, 2013 at 8:23pm
You have a kid minded brain, what makes you think androids os is possibly better than ios! I once used galacrap tab, never again! My experience with that shit is way behind on iPad, because of the sd card feature, I have to use it just to use googay earth or view gmail pics, the biggest issue was battery, page freezes and loading! And the gay part on the outside is it is plastic! iPads are the real shit to use nowadays, sure sales may have passed 1st after iPad but what about the os, is that good? What about how many tabs from the brands sold from samsuck, gay-cer, etc.? About the thing iPad can do you pointed out, I will have you know it did so much with using something that is not so corrupted but it offered so many apps, but I don't mind paying for them! For one thing it's retina that makes the cost, not the system, but as long as it runs with no problems I am satisfied like I am now, and jail breaking? You don't even understand what it will do! It adds way more to ios on apps, hacks, change any game, notification, Game Center, use animations, anything! You can also have your own lock! The only thing bandroid offers is corrupt crap! It's not popular, same slow shit if you look up vids and on apples WWDC chart over apps downloaded by platform which is 50 billion, and the ios users total is 74% and Bandroids is 45%! If it offers more then why does iPhone still win over galacrap 9 times in a damn row? You're just talking shit like you came unprepared well BLABLA BLAA this dumbass! Where is your frickin proof?
6italia0 - September 30, 2013 at 10:46pm
Dude you have your head too far up your ass, open source? I don't really think you've actually grasped the actual concept of it at all. True android lets you do more out of the box, but its still much more limited in many ways than iOS. I use an iPhone 5 64gb jailbroken and a rooted Htc one m7 running stock GE rom, side by side their both great, but the iPhone out does the one m7 in nearly every way. While true the hardware lacks on the iPhone, it performance speaks for itself while having far more customizable options due to the jailbreak. Maybe you've never actually used a jailbroken iOS device or just haven't utilized one. One things that android lacks is stock is customization, meaning if you want to modify your android device, you will almost always have to flash a rom (changing the OS) to another version of android whereas iOS you're installing modified function on top of the OS instead of changing it making it easier to customize specific functions to your liking. Same with my iPad mini, its the reason my nexus 7 just sits in my desk and id be lucky to sell it for $100. To summarize, android is an ok OS but its definitely on a completely different page than iOS jailbroken (I can relate if your just referring to stock, but it is what it is)
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