Apple Doubled Its U.S. Smartphone Share in September [Chart]

Apple Doubled Its U.S. Smartphone Share in September [Chart]

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Apple doubled its U.S. smartphone share in September thanks to the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, according to a report Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

Apple takes the number one position from Samsung in the US in the month of September doubling its market share from the previous month. Apple captured 39% share of the smartphone market and 34% of the overall mobile phones market in September, a record high for the Cupertino smartphone vendor for this calendar month in US.

Tom Kang, Research Director at Counterpoint Research said, “In spite of supply constraints and just three weeks of sales, iPhone 5s raced to become the bestselling smartphone model in the US in September. Samsung Galaxy S4 was the second best-selling model followed by Apple’s new iPhone 5c which captured the third spot. Demand was robust after a lull in July-August months in anticipation of newer iPhones.”

Mr. Kang further adds, “The key reason for this sudden jump in sales can be attributed to the big wave of upgrades due in this launch month from Apple’s huge installed base of iPhone users in US. This depicts a healthy replacement cycle and user base growth trends for Apple despite the array of Android devices launching from tens of OEMs every month.”

Meanwhile, the third largest smartphone vendor in US, LG, saw its share fell below 10% mark in September in spite of a decent start for its flagship LG G2 and overall momentum over the last three months. Surprisingly, Motorola was the only other brand that maintained its market share during the month with some traction for its new Moto X smartphone, pegging ahead of Nokia and HTC in terms of smartphone market share in September. However each of these three players command less than 5% share.

Take a look at the chart below for more details...

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Apple Doubled Its U.S. Smartphone Share in September [Chart]

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