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MuscleNerd Warns Potential iOS 7 Jailbreakers to Stay Away From iOS 7.0.3 [Update]

MuscleNerd Warns Potential iOS 7 Jailbreakers to Stay Away From iOS 7.0.3 [Update]

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MuscleNerd has is warning potential iOS 7 jailbreakers to stay away from today's iOS 7.0.3 update as a precautionary measure.

It is unlikely that Apple slipped in any intentional fixes to prevent any jailbreak, but until the evad3rs verify that their current exploits are working, it is safe to stay away from 7.0.3.

We will let you know once/if 7.0.3 is a safe update. If you have already updated, Apple is still signing 7.0.2, but this will most likely be closed in the next hour. If the window is closed, and you're stuck on 7.0.3, there still is hope for a jailbreak.

Update: MuscleNerd has confirmed that you can safely update to 7.0.3...Update Away!

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MuscleNerd Warns Potential iOS 7 Jailbreakers to Stay Away From iOS 7.0.3 [Update]

StuckAtiOS7 - October 24, 2013 at 3:40am
There will always be update/bug fixes/improvement since its first introduction..... So i'd rather update than have a buggy old version of iOS 7 rather than jailbreak it if ever there will be since most who updated aren't able to downgrade to 6.x w/c is the last stable OS before 7.x.
Tdark1582 - October 23, 2013 at 11:11pm
Watch out for AT&T, I tethered back in April and they took me off my unlimited plan without notice in july. And then they say they can't put it back, I have been at war wit them to get it back but plan on switching to straight talk since the use AT&T towers and the plan is only $45 for unlimited everything. Fuck AT&T they plan on cutting all the unlimited plans away and they slow u down after 3gb anyway..
Dabears - October 24, 2013 at 6:18am
What app did you use for tethering?
GiveUPjailbreak! - October 23, 2013 at 5:41am
i don't we need follow what muscleNerd say...there will never be a jailbreak....its been long can't give us solution of give uo hope. so i wont jailbreak anymore and feels good also.
WTF - October 24, 2013 at 6:14am
every single iPhone, iPad, iPod has been jailbroken at some point some in a few weeks and some in a few months. what makes you think they won't be able to do it this time around??
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