Former President Bill Clinton Reflecting on Steve Jobs [Video]

Former President Bill Clinton Reflecting on Steve Jobs [Video]

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Former President Bill Clinton shares his memories and thoughts about the late Steve Jobs in an interview with TIME managing editor Richard Stengel.

Fortune recently spotted and reposted the video which was taken just six days after Jobs' death.

"This cancer I have is very clever," Clinton remembers Jobs telling him before his death. "I have beaten it back repeatedly. But I have fired all my ammunition, and it keeps coming up with new ways to attack me. I'm not sure I got any more weapons left, but I've had a good time trying to beat it."

Clinton also recounted the most important lesson he learned from watching Jobs.

"He figured out what he was good at -- where his gift was -- and he nourished his gift. The other thing is, he had a sackful of guts. Once he decided what he was trying to do, he was undeterred."

Take a look below...

[via Fortune]


Steve In Heaven - December 18, 2013 at 11:07pm
;,-D I am pleased. I may be gone but thabk you Tim Cook for being a backup CEO for me! I am suprised what significant progress you made with the 5 no matter who'd call it the same, but 5s they can see for themselves how much you guys work like I am there and I thank you!