October 7, 2022
Evad3rs Deny Taking Payment For iOS 7 Jailbreak, Denounce Cracked Version of Evasi0n

Evad3rs Deny Taking Payment For iOS 7 Jailbreak, Denounce Cracked Version of Evasi0n

Posted December 25, 2013 at 5:10am by iClarified · 26381 views
The Evad3rs have posted an update to the evasi0n7 privacy concerns, as well as denying any payment received from TaiG.

The evad3rs first address any concerns over user's privacy and data, specifically, what the TaiG app did when installed on user's devices. Additionally, they assured uses that no TaiG software was installed unless the user's language was set to Chinese.

Privacy and Taig

First and foremost, and of utmost concern, is privacy. No one's data was ever sent anywhere. Of course, as a member of the community whose work frees devices, it would be against everything we've worked for the last 7 years to jeopardize the security of the users of our software. To reiterate, no Taig software was installed unless the computer's language was set to Chinese. Furthermore, no Taig software would run unless the user opened the Taig application.

After rumors abound of encrypted data being sent for users in China who've installed Taig, we decided to do what we do best - reverse engineer the code of Taig to understand what was being sent. Taig transmitted data similar to what Cydia transmits. Unique device identifiers were transmitted in encrypted form similar to how Cydia uses SSL to protect the privacy of its users. Taig did not transmit any private user data from the devices at all.

The evad3rs then discuss the issue of piracy and the TaiG app store. They note that TaiG had promised them there would be no piracy, but that obviously was not the case. They also denounce the cracked version that TaiG posted on their website that installs their software. They did so without the evad3rs' permission.

Piracy and Taig

Our written and verbal agreement with Taig banned it. They assured us it was not in there. We did not check every package in their store but a cursory examination before release found no problems. However, after investigation and after notification from the community, we found examples, including pirated tweaks, Apple App Store apps, and even pod2g's PodDJ app. We dropped the ball on this. While we at first did not believe

Taig purposefully violated our agreement, the depth of the transgression against the software developers and the jailbreak community cannot be overlooked and we could not move forward after that even if it were fixed. We terminated our relationship with them. We are very disappointed that they have decided to put up a cracked version of the jailbreak on their site that installs Taig. We did not give them any permission or source code.

Finally, the evad3rs note that they have not accepted any more from TaiG, and will not accept any form of payment. Any donations will be given to the EFF or the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure to help keep jailbreaking your devices legal.

We have refused all monies from Taig

There have been a lot of rumors listing various amounts we’ve been paid. We have received no monies from any group, including Taig. We will not be accepting any money. Our donations are being given to Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure to help protect jailbreaking as your legal right.

Last but not least, the team notes that they are hard at working at pushing out more updates for the jailbreak to fix any lingering issues.

Jailbreak Updates

We are working hard to fix the problems with the jailbreak. Unfortunately, it's the holidays and we would like to spend time with our friends and family. The events of the last couple of days have been extremely stressful for us and we need some time to recover.

We will work as hard as we can to resolve any remaining issues. Thank you for your understanding. We worked very hard to bring this jailbreak free of charge to the community. We hope you can all enjoy it.

You can donate to the evad3rs here.

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Evad3rs Deny Taking Payment For iOS 7 Jailbreak, Denounce Cracked Version of Evasi0n
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odedo1 - December 27, 2013 at 5:08am
pretty cool change your computer to chines and rejailbreak it actually works.
yellowstone - December 26, 2013 at 5:04pm
Hi Caleb, the JB team usually do it free of charge (we don't pay to use Cydia, some apps are free and others you pay the developer) they spend hours (daily and weekends) giving us JB. How do you thank them - ........ Perhaps assholes like you should get an android.
Suorerbaccha - January 20, 2014 at 1:14am
Yo Yellowstone, I am pretty sure you are one of the Money hungry evaders team. Evaders took hundreds thousands dollars as kickback as Cydia developers and other competitors JB developers admitted. You are such a blind moron that you just ignore those authentic news on Internet. Now you are supporting to pay them for their shit apps which are useless as IOS 7.1 is on way to be released very soon. You are such a stinky shit that you are telling like you watched them how they worked 24/7 365 days to give you a nice shit. Do you know moron, when they were messaging in tweater that they are working hard on it that time they were in fact passing busy time in Indonesia to lecture hackers on how to hack for which they got handsome money.
soy - December 26, 2013 at 9:28am
so what did evad3rs mean when they said 'we have benefited'
Caleb - December 26, 2013 at 3:54pm
It means they got paid 1 million dollars to include Taig. I haven't tried this Jailbreak yet, because I need my brother in Alabama to do it for me and I live in Mississippi. I have no idea what's in the newer evasion 1.0.1 but I'm sure Taig is still in it. Evasion 1.0.1 is full of issues and nothing works. I haven't used it though. The evaders team should be ashamed of themselves and apologize to me. Who do they think they are?
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