AT&T Introduces Sponsored Data Letting Companies Pay For Data You Use

AT&T Introduces Sponsored Data Letting Companies Pay For Data You Use

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AT&T today introduced Sponsored Data, a new program that allows companies to pay for data used by specific apps so that the data used will not count towards their monthly usage cap. Essentially, companies can 'sponsor' the data you use when using their application.

For instance, developers can offer promotions to cover the data when using the app, or Netflix could offer free streaming of one episode. Businesses can also use this service to pay for any applications their employees use while using their own enterprise apps. Sponsored data offers the same speeds as regular data as well, it just is paid for by some other company other than yourself.

With the new Sponsored Data service, data charges resulting from eligible uses will be billed directly to the sponsoring company; the customer simply enjoys their content via AT&T’s wireless data network. Customers will see the service offered as AT&T Sponsored Data, and the usage will appear on their monthly invoice as Sponsored Data. Sponsored Data will be delivered at the same speed and performance as any non-Sponsored Data content.

The Sponsored Data service allows sponsors across a variety of industries such as healthcare, retail, media and entertainment and financial services with the opportunity to better engage with customers and their own employees. This exciting new service offers data sponsors many potential innovative uses such as:

● Encouraging customers to try a new smartphone or tablet app.
● Promoting movie trailers or games.
● Providing patient healthcare support via wellness videos.
● Encouraging customers to browse mobile shopping sites.
● Allowing businesses with ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies to pay for the data employees use for specific business-related apps and services.
● Enhancing customer loyalty programs by providing sponsored data access to products and services.

“Customers love mobile content. Whether it’s shopping, banking, entertainment or personal wellness, mobile content is increasingly available for customers almost anywhere and anytime. And that’s what makes this a win-win for customers and businesses – customers just look for the Sponsored Data icon and they know the data related to that particular application or video is provided as a part of their monthly service,” said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility. “This is an exciting new opportunity for us and, most importantly, our customers.”

Content providers and other businesses can use this innovative network solution with existing mobile websites and applications. The service is easily integrated into existing platforms and services and will be available across many mobile devices and operating systems. Additionally, the unique developer portal website includes intuitive features which allow sponsors to manage their offers, check billing and measure impact of offers using a robust analytics engine.

Mobile data traffic on AT&T’s network increased more than 30,000% over the last six years2 and is expected to continue growing. Providing data via AT&T’s Sponsored Data service gives companies an effective way to reach consumers and expand engagement in the growing, mobile-centric landscape.

“As content consumption has evolved from analog to digital, so have the ways for companies to reach consumers,” said Andy Geisse, CEO, AT&T Business Solutions. “The Sponsored Data model is just one way we’re helping companies tap into our network to offer differentiated experiences and transform the way they do business.”

If this program becomes widely adopted , it will definitely help relieve some concerns of consumers over data usage.

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AT&T Introduces Sponsored Data Letting Companies Pay For Data You Use

shitHead - January 7, 2014 at 2:30pm
I think this may cause some trouble because as long as the phone thinks any particular app is using the data then that apps maker will pay for the data. Jailbreakers will probably have access to apps which will make the phone think the appstore is using data and so apple will pay for all of our data overages. This is not a problem for me but it will be a problem for somebody if it happens.
Nat - January 7, 2014 at 2:08am
Guys, the article says "companies pay", numbskulls, except you two below, I have seen worse than illiterates here. I guess the percentage is 69%
iWindows - January 6, 2014 at 11:44pm
You people are idiots. You clearly didn't read the article. It says that OTHER COMPANIES will pay for the data usage within their sponsored app, therefore, YOU'RE NOT PAYING FOR IT. Dumbasses, I swear.
Stupid people can't read the articles - January 7, 2014 at 1:47am
Haha... Didn't you know 99% of the people commenting on this website are illiterate. ;)
DarkKent - January 6, 2014 at 8:25pm
Glad I'm still on my unlimited plan to but it really makes no sense that i have to pay for data that a company uses to advertise shhht to me that i don't even care for. We really pay advertisers bills for ads we don't even want. and theres no way out. smh
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