Apple Devices Dominate the Legal Industry [Infograhic]

Apple Devices Dominate the Legal Industry [Infograhic]

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Clio's annual Apple in Law Offices Survey for 2013 reveals that Apple devices are becoming more and more popular in the legal industry.

Here's a few stats about their usage.

In the 2013 Clio survey, Mac OS was favored among 66% of survey respondents, while 34% said Windows was their primary operating system.

26% of those surveyed used Dropbox in their law office in 2013. Clio was the cloud-based app of choice for 21%. iCloud came in third at 18%, followed by Google Apps at 14% and QuickBooks at 5%.

In the 2013 survey, 42% of respondents used Microsoft Office as their desktop application, 18% chose Evernote, 11% iWork, 10% Parallels, and 5% Open Office.

74% of law offices used iPhones as their mobile device, according to 2013 survey results. Android came in a distant second at 18%, followed by Windows at 2%, and BlackBerry at 2%.

67% of survey respondents in 2013 said that they use iPads in their law office.

Take a look at the infographic below or hit the link for the interactive version.

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Apple Devices Dominate the Legal Industry [Infograhic]

K - February 27, 2014 at 11:55pm
That's what microsuck gets after fcking up windows losing so many users, many prefer office though because of what more and some easy parts it has, but for me, it's iWork any day. Android, yeah this explains why Tony loves worshipping the myths, plus the way iOS is still beating android with speed and performance from the past chart posts.