Yukari Kane on Her New Book 'Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs' [Video]

Yukari Kane on Her New Book 'Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs' [Video]

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Yukari Kane, author of the upcoming book 'Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs', discusses what she's learned about Tim Cook, Apple's evolving relationship with its suppliers, and whether or not she believes Apple has lost it's way since Steve Jobs' death in an interview with the WSJ.

Kane also posted an adapted excerpt from her book that touches on the differences between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook.

Apple under Jobs was a roller coaster, but Cook's operations fief was orderly and disciplined. Cook knew every detail in every step of the operations processes. Weekly operations meetings could last five to six hours as he ground through every single item. His subordinates soon learned to plan for meetings with him as if they were cramming for an exam. Even a small miss of a couple of hundred units was examined closely. "Your numbers," one planner recalled him saying flatly, "make me want to jump out that window over there."

Cook had made a particular point of tackling Apple's monstrous inventory, which he considered fundamentally evil. He called himself the "Attila the Hun of inventory."

Meetings with Cook could be terrifying. He exuded a Zenlike calm and didn't waste words. "Talk about your numbers. Put your spreadsheet up," he'd say as he nursed a Mountain Dew. (Some staffers wondered why he wasn't bouncing off the walls from the caffeine.) When Cook turned the spotlight on someone, he hammered them with questions until he was satisfied. "Why is that?" "What do you mean?" "I don't understand. Why are you not making it clear?" He was known to ask the same exact question 10 times in a row.

Take a look at the video interview below or hit the link for the full excerpt. You can pre-order the book from here.

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Yukari Kane on Her New Book 'Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs' [Video]

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eihabarabia - March 2, 2014 at 7:03pm
I apologize on my last comment my account is hacked
AppleGuy - March 2, 2014 at 8:21am
God damn she ugly, no one would want to read her book.
Nat - March 2, 2014 at 2:38pm
Not worth a try anyway. She titles it with the word "haunted" it's probably a sign of her way of seeing apple.
K - March 1, 2014 at 11:16pm
Apple today, look why they are #1 on top global brand and most fortunes companies list. The graphics performance on my ipad air is without a doubt crisp, even the touch id and the new iSight cam really works like they promised. If this book is just agreeing peopl over the "no more innovation" shit, then it to is wrong.