New Samsung Ad Boasts Galaxy S5 'Snaps Photos With Twice the Resolution of the iPhone' [Video]

New Samsung Ad Boasts Galaxy S5 'Snaps Photos With Twice the Resolution of the iPhone' [Video]

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Samsung has posted a new ad boasting that the Galaxy S5 'snaps photos with twice the resolution of the iPhone'.

Set goals, capture photos, watch videos, and don't be afraid to make a splash. The innovative Galaxy S 5 makes everyday moments better.

A recent comparison of the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 camera by CNET found that the two devices were usually neck and neck in terms of photo quality. "At times we preferred the GS5's color contrast, while there were other photos when the iPhone 5S' even lighting and tone won us over."

Looking at the most popular cameras on Flickr, the iPhone accounted for the top five smartphone cameras. Check out the rankings here.

You can watch the Samsung ad below...

theEnsup - April 26, 2014 at 4:47am
Samsuck always attacks other companies' products to promote their own ones XD
theEnsup - April 26, 2014 at 4:46am
Samsuck always attack other companies' products to promote their own ones XD
Great! - April 25, 2014 at 11:46pm
How much memory space does a photo take up on the S5? And how much onboard usable memory space is available to an S5 user? And since when does more megapixels mean better pictures? Samsung, you're sounding VERY desperate. Your fingerprint sensor not working too well in the real world? How about fixing that problem with software first?
Iphone Crap - April 25, 2014 at 11:24pm
This is how you make a commercial about a product, showing it's quality and all it's best features. Not like the one with third party apps that apple doesn't even make but want to take credit for, but since iphone doesn't really have any good features, that is the only commercial they know how to do. Trolls are making critics about only the camera, they can only see out the eye of their asshole. All they do all they long is imaging how the iShit 6 is going to be, doing all kinf of stupid renders, that at the end don't even look like the real crap that comes out as a final crapmanship. And besides aplyinf updates to fix their fuk-ups and then calling them further improvements, yeah like you can fix a battery with software, it's just a bullShit battery period for a stupid ishot phone. I fix iphone for a living and I laugh at all idiots whrn they come to get them fix, I pay 4 dollar for an iphone camera, and charge a $100 to replace it, hey after thanks to all Apple trolls I'm making good money, I fix close to 20 iphones a day, so is that a good Ishit phone, think not, and that is why Apple wants to Get into the fixing iphones. I could go on and on for hours yu guys know the rest, iphone it's just simply crap.
Galaxy Crap - April 26, 2014 at 12:11am
More like act like a critic and show your feelings kind of commercial and not the product itself. Just showing what doesn't matter much of the entire shit and just tricking samsheeps like you into buying it. If you even paid close attention to the one with the crop it is a dead giveaway to showing it's laggy crap. Do these guys actually show what they products do or even compare performance to iPhone? Why don't apps even matter if iTunes has over billions downloads. I find more apps that matter for many of us that I even find nowhere else. Since samshit doesn't reveal their true selves of where they even originated from their moronic troll holes, they wait for apples features just to copy and try to make a better version of it just to sound better, but it ain't helping heir sorry asses or critics buy that mind fooling shit. If you focus on the product itself it gives more detail like the runway on iPhone for example, using camera clips to show how clear right off the iPhone is shows how much improvement it gotten, and the fingerprint scanner shows how it worked, did samshit ever reveal that kind of knockoff they made? All you ever do is gimmick about what you predict about iPhone 6 but after all he jd power awards iPhone gotten you think we are that delusional to believe such defensive die hard? Your gaylaxy shit can't do anything without iPhone first, that's why samshit can't even catch up one bit to a7 chip features nor performance you can't give a shit to understand! Where's your bright idea for the next one, making a big ass screen again, more like trying to not fit in pockets or both hands anymore, sure let's keep making it too damn big with no explination compared to why iPhone has stayed the same people want! How about you crawl back to their headquarters of wannabe and knock some shit into them about not being so negative about competition because they can't seem to take the pressure of making shit, it's all cram in more and act like it's better, that's how you make strategies for showing your feelings as much as these whiny delusionals are, always got something to let out for jealousy shit, but who else here gives a rats ass, why don't you shove the shit5 up your vagina and see if that helps surpass iPhone, i'm sure you'll find a backup to save your mind fooling ass from making yourself act smart. I worked for a carrier and I kept taking gaylaxy back and replace it with the superior that actually worries about them and not waste their time trying to act better instead of living like it, that's how samshit for zombies work for you.
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