Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

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Logitech has announced a suite of mobile accessories designed for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s with the Logitech case+ serving as the foundation of the system.

The magnetically mounted additions to the case+ include the Logitech +tilt, a kickstand and cord keeper, the Logitech +energy, which is designed to double your phone’s battery life, the Logitech +drive, which is a mount for a car window or dashboard, and the Logitech +wallet, which lets you bring your cards and cash along when you’re on the go.

“When it comes to smartphone use today, market trends show people value both style and function,” said Ariel Fischer, director of product marketing at Logitech. “Until the availability of the Logitech case+ system, there hasn’t been a solution that marries both. Our new collection helps people customize their smartphone to make the most of it in any situation, whether at home, in the car or on the go. And, each solution is designed to fit seamlessly into your mobile lifestyle and look good.”

Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

The case+ is a protective case that serves as the foundation of the system. Key to the functionality is a metal plate across the back of the case, which provides style and an added layer of protection, and also serves as the mounting plate for the magnetic system.
Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

With gentle curves, a soft-touch finish, modern colors and two different cover materials, the +tilt adds both style and function to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. With a kickstand, earbud wrap and magnetic mounting, the +tilt gives you the tools you need to get through your busy day with style to spare.

Its magnetic free-mount system lets you attach your smartphone to any metal surface – from your fridge to a file cabinet – so you can follow a new recipe or video chat with colleagues, hands free. When you want to watch a favorite video, just fold the +tilt into a kickstand for easy viewing. And when it’s time to put away your earbuds, simply wrap the cord over your smartphone, then fold and remove the +tilt panel for quick and hassle-free storage.
Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

The +energy adds both style and extra power to your case+ covered iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. With a free-mount battery panel, you’ve got power when you want it. Just snap the +energy battery pack onto your phone and you can get double the power of your battery. With the +energy you get unparalleled quality, cutting-edge technology, unrivaled design and extraordinary simplicity.
Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

The +drive delivers a one-touch modern phone mount for your car. When your case+ covered smartphone is helping you navigate the road or keeping you entertained in the car, you need an easy way to secure it without distracting you. The +drive mount adheres to your windshield or dashboard through a suction cup with a single twist action to lock it in place. With the help of the case+ protective case, your iPhone magnetically mounts with one touch to keep your phone secure and visible at the same time. The +drive also comes with a universal adaptor that allows a second smartphone to be used with the system.
Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

The +wallet turns your case+ into a slim, stylish wallet that conveniently keeps cards and cash at your fingertips. With magnetic coupling, the +wallet instantly unites your phone and wallet into one pocket-friendly design. To keep your credit cards and hotel keys safe, the +wallet features Magnashield technology, which protects the contents of your wallet by creating a barrier to prevent demagnetization. The +wallet stylishly solves your pockets’ problems, uniting everything you need when you’re on the go.

Pricing and Availability
The Logitech case+ collection is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in in May 2014, for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

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Logitech Unveils New Case [+] Accessories for the iPhone 5s, 5

-Lin- - May 6, 2014 at 3:57pm
This is over price. -.- won't buy it though
Sam Kunt Junk - May 1, 2014 at 9:08pm
The frustrates apple Kid from South Korea that used to be a samsung Worker now trying hard to pass as a Genius wannabe. But Your last name says it all Junk.
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Not as jealous and delusional as samshit fanboys from Cupertino that used to understand reality and grew more ignorant and now treat themselves as smart ass wannabe when no one else gave a Fck that day. Besides, a copier is a real definition of molded junk just like big ass plastic waiting for iPhone to be inspired right of the bat, just a little copy bait there they go, just like you shinning basterd using my name as a mockery to express your butthurt, can't get enough like samscum making many ads just to force us to understand, samsheep logic at its finest folks.
Sam cum junk - May 1, 2014 at 8:05pm
Battery issue solved. The end.
Genius wanna be - May 1, 2014 at 8:49pm
if it were that easy to solve, keep dreaming, apple is not that smart yet.
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