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Uber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue Operations

Uber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue Operations

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The Frankfurt Regional Court has banned Uber across all of Germany following a lawsuit filed by Taxi Deutschland in Frankfurt. Uber is a private driver service that lets you request a ride using its app requiring no reservations and no waiting in taxi lines. As one might expect, taxicab drivers have been frantically trying to prevent the growth of Uber as it cuts into their business and profits.

The court said Uber can't operate because it doesn't have paperwork for a taxi service in the country. i.e. A permit under the Passenger Transport Act. Despite the preliminary decision and a possible fine of 250,000 euros, Uber says it will continue operating.

Trying to limit people’s choice doesn’t ever seem like a good idea. However, it was the idea behind the recent lawsuit filed by Taxi Deutschland in Frankfurt. We believe innovation and competition is good for everyone – riders and drivers, everyone wins. You can’t put the brakes on progress.

The services offered via Uber’s app have been embraced by German riders and drivers. There is a reason why Germany is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. It is because German people love smart choices, smart cities and Uber’s first class service.

Uber will carefully review the content of the preliminary decision of the Frankfurt Regional Court, and will appeal this decision and vigorously defend the claim that has been filed by Taxi Deutschland.

Uber will continue its operations – and will continue to offer its services via its app – throughout Germany.

You can download Uber from the App Store for free.

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Uber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue OperationsUber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue OperationsUber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue Operations

Uber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue OperationsUber Banned in Germany, Says It Will Continue Operations

euro loser - September 3, 2014 at 7:47am
Here you have stupidity and hypocrisy of european bureaucrats, euro idiotcracy fully revealed, when it came to choice of browser they happily fined microsoft, they also fined google many times because it displayed "too many search results", or how about recent law to ban selling vacuums which suck too much
Sanjiv - September 3, 2014 at 2:03am
Uber is a necessity and indeed all taxi services should be motivated by the Uber concept and use it too instead of complaining. I was recently in USA and used Uber and was happy the NYC private cab drivers couldn't cheat me after the first 2 rides as I paid Uber less than half of what was charged by NYC private cab service. I will always use Uber where available. It makes sense that anyone - especially retired folks - can make money when they want! Keep up Uber!
PaulMOGG - September 2, 2014 at 11:37pm
It's cool , clever, professional, friendly , easy , fast , inexpensive , unlike regular taxis ! Where is the argument after all it's customers that keep both systems working so we can have a chance long Iive both systems !!
Disinterested bystander - September 2, 2014 at 5:13pm
It is disingenuous to pretend that this issue is about "choice" or "freedom" or even taxes. If it was only about the money, it'd be easy for the government to pass regulations taxing Uber at the same level as taxis. There are legitimate concerns about standards, safety, training, liability, et cetera. I often use services like Uber because I want to save money, and I've often had shitty taxi service, but that being said I still believe in regulation as a way to protect the public.
Yourmom - September 2, 2014 at 5:07pm
Government is just sad that uber is taking their money. Uber is amazing and cheap. Taxis are the biggest ripoff ever. I live in Chicago and with a taxi it costs almost $60 to get there. With uber I only pay 21-25
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