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FireCore Announces aTV Flash (XBMC Edition), aTV Flash (Black) 2.5

FireCore Announces aTV Flash (XBMC Edition), aTV Flash (Black) 2.5

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FireCore has introduced aTV Flash (xmbc edition) and the release of aTV Flash (black) 2.5.

Introducing an all-new platform for running the latest XBMC version 13.2 (Gotham) on the original (silver) Apple TV - including support for the latest video add-ons, 1080p video, and more! aTV Flash (xbmc edition) is finely tuned, optimized for speed, and provides a complete replacement for the standard Apple TV software.

How does it work?
Installation is done in about 5 minutes using a USB flash drive. We've also built in a special restore option, so should the need ever arise the original Apple TV software can easily be reinstalled at any time.

Is this different from aTV Flash (silver)?
The original aTV Flash (silver) installs add-ons alongside the native Apple TV software, aTV Flash (xbmc edition) replaces the Apple TV software entirely. Each serves a different purpose, but if your main goal is to get XBMC on your Apple TV then aTV Flash (xbmc edition) is the one you want.

Does it play 1080p?
Yes. By installing a special 1080p video card, the original Apple TV will be fully capable of playing most 1080p formats. 1080p video cards are available as an optional add-on when ordering. Note: Installing a 1080p video card replaces the standard Apple TV Wi-Fi card. A directly connected ethernet cable or USB Wi-Fi adapter (also available as an optional add-on) will be required for network access.

More details on aTV Flash (xbmc edition) can be found here.

FireCore Announces aTV Flash (XBMC Edition), aTV Flash (Black) 2.5

In addition to aTV Flash (xbmc edition) FireCore also announced aTV Flash (black) 2.5...

aTV Flash (black) 2.5 is here and with it comes the same great trakt sync that made its debut in Infuse 3 for iOS earlier this month. This all-new syncing method allows you to effortlessly keep your watched history in sync between devices. As an example, you can start watching a movie on your Apple TV, then finish it later on your iPad...Infuse will keep everything in sync automatically. Note: Syncing requires a free account.

You can update to the latest version of aTV Flash (black) through the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu.

More details on aTV Flash (black) can be found here.

FireCore Announces aTV Flash (XBMC Edition), aTV Flash (Black) 2.5

NedScott - January 28, 2015 at 9:04am
WTF, FireCore? Charging money for last year's OpenELEC, which is easily installed for free?
Brucio - January 28, 2015 at 11:48pm
So you are paying $30 for a prettier installer for OpenElec, right? Am I missing something?
JollySonX - January 28, 2015 at 8:06am
There's no need for a jailbreak on the ATV3 thanks to AirPlay a few more apps would be useful (like Amazon instant and bbc Iplayer) and a software volume control but that's about it.
a000s - January 28, 2015 at 6:58am
Why bother releasing somethingng for the ooooold silver appletv?? The black edition requires JB meaning that you could just install that kodi yourself. These guys are screwed since no jb for atv3 been released....
PNHUNTER - January 28, 2015 at 4:07am
I bought an Amazon fire stick stick Tv for 40 bucks and I am running KODI and all this garbage at 1080 with no problem at all. Screw that apple TV2! I bought it for 100, I sold it for 200.
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