Google Chrome Canary Gets Smooth Pinch-to-Zoom Feature

Google Chrome Canary Gets Smooth Pinch-to-Zoom Feature

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Google has updated Chrome Canary for OS X with a smooth Pinch-to-Zoom feature similar to Safari's, reports reddit user chrisfully.

Previously, the web browser would zoom at around 10% intervals. The latest build of Canary brings smoother zooming; however, it's still a bit jerky. This will likely be resolved by the time the feature hits the stable channel.

A few notes:
● This is the latest Canary, on a rMBP 15".
● It's not quite as great yet. A bit less "fluid" and realistic.
● You know how on Safari, when you're in the process of zooming in, the text isn't rendered perfectly sharp, but rather looks upscaled? Until you're "done" pinching, where the text gets re-rendered beautifully? Well, Canary doesn't do that — it seems to re-render the text for every frame of the zooming animations. I suspect that's why it's doesn't feel quite as great (not as many FPS).

You can download the latest build of Chrome Canary from the link below...

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Google Chrome Canary Gets Smooth Pinch-to-Zoom Feature

aGoblin said - February 13, 2015 at 7:16am
funny! very first line does say Chrome Canary for OS X, only apple runs OS X
Yourface - February 12, 2015 at 4:49pm
Every device in that picture looks like something from apple lol. Everyone just steals from apple.
MM - February 12, 2015 at 6:07pm
rofl i thought they WERE apple devices 'til i read your comment. i just took a quick glance at first, though.