Sprint Will Now Bring a New Phone to Your Home and Help You Set It Up [Video]

Sprint Will Now Bring a New Phone to Your Home and Help You Set It Up [Video]

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Sprint has announced Sprint Direct 2 You, a new service that aims to bring an in-store experience to the comfort of customer's own home, office, or other location.

With Sprint Direct 2 You, a Sprint-trained expert will bring a Sprint mobile device to a customer's location, set it up and transfer all of their content, including contacts, pictures, videos and apps, from their old device to a new one. The experience also includes the Sprint expert performing a tutorial and offering tips to help the customer become familiar with using the new mobile device.

Sprint plans on placing about 5,000 Sprint Direct 2 You cars in major metropolitan areas by the end of the year to make wireless shopping more convenient. “With our new Sprint Direct 2 You fleet of cars, it’s as if we are adding 5,000 additional stores,” Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said. “However, these mobile stores will be continuously on the move based on customer demand.”

The national rollout of Sprint Direct 2 You begins today in Sprint’s hometown – the Kansas City metropolitan area – for upgrade-eligible customers. On April 20, Sprint Direct 2 You will be available in the Chicago and Miami markets, with expansion nationally expected to follow throughout 2015.

Here’s how it works:
● Qualified customers receive an offer via text or email to upgrade their phone.
● Customers call the Sprint phone number in the text or email to take advantage of the offer and schedule an appointment for this free service.1
● A Direct 2 You Expert arrives when and where the customer requests, sets up and activates the new phone, transferring all contacts and data from the old phone, then personalizes the new device to the customer’s specifications.
● Customers can choose to turn in their old phones for recycling or reuse.

The Sprint experts are particularly skilled in helping customers make the switch from a phone using the Android operating system to one running on Apple’s iOS, or vice versa. While this can be a complex process, the expert will manage it to make it easy for the customer. “We take for granted that it is easy to switch between different types of phones, but it actually is very complex,” Claure said. “By bringing the in-store experience directly to customers, we can make that change painless, worry-free and do it in the comfort of a location where the customer wants it.”

Take a look at the video for more details...

Sprint Will Now Bring a New Phone to Your Home and Help You Set It Up [Video]

Mike000g - April 15, 2015 at 12:56pm
People are f***ing lazy. All we need as annass wiping service.
Mac - April 14, 2015 at 5:27am
Worst advertisement and impractical idea. Why people need an assistance for setting up their phone.!!!
PHUKAI - April 13, 2015 at 8:25pm
Why not just talk using Skype or FaceTime instead of driving all the way to one's house? Imagine the gas you'd save or when you'll get to it at the right time.