Free iPad Giveaway Terms and Conditions Prank [Video]

Free iPad Giveaway Terms and Conditions Prank [Video]

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A new video from Jena Kingsley humorously highlights how important it is to read the terms and conditions before you agree to them.

We can't do anything today without first accepting terms and conditions. But does anyone actually take the time to read them? Let's find out!

Kingsley tempted passerbys with a free iPad giveaway but signing up for the contest involved more than they expected.

Take a look at the video below...

Mrme - December 3, 2015 at 9:22am
Whats the matter with people. Cant you just accept it as a bit if humour. Its hillarious.
Tinmania - December 2, 2015 at 9:04pm
There are people out there trying to help poor people out even though they can't take care of themselves, but most rich people don't care about other people while they have load of money they can spend on stupid exotic pet, kitchen appliances they don't even need, but helping people doesn't seem to occur to them because they are selfish, but what's even worse obout those kinds of people are they think they care and like to help people out by placing fake interest words on their profile page something like what cause this person interested in: kids and helping people, But they are not really into kind of stuff like that and most company hiring manager has exactly same mindset as snobby rich people That takes away every chances of poor people can have little joy of their lives, but because they like to throw out good opportunity to those only selected rich people Rich people gets richer and richer day by day month by month year by year decade after decade while poor people keeps this lousy faith in their heart there might be a chance for them It is sad to see these days how this rich people can make fun of other people without carrying any empathy or guilty feelings... I hope their after life gets same treatment as the other poor people. The old always right. If you see their gesture or how the way dress up which tells you eveything about the person whether the person is nice or just showy person with only air in his/hers head, She is wearing pair of shoes that the kind of skank people with attitude only wear and most likely someone with those type of dressing style tend to be idiotic and have their own fantasy they are so pretty, But one thing that I can tell you is beauty comes with few sets of quality. We can say you are pretty when your intelligent meets your outstanding appearances whether you have standard appearances if that intelligent is stronger it out powers one's appearances, but your intelligent level is low as some blond chick chasing after guys muscle, fame and money, you are just nothing but sleazy person from southern states who just want to be drama queen....
Well... - December 2, 2015 at 4:01pm
That's funny, I would have taken all of that, given my shirt, took the dog and the child, but I'm not sure if I could part with my kidney, I get terrified of surgery. But would have given the iPad away to charity just cause...