Spotify Announces New 'Behind the Lyrics' Playlists With Fun Facts, Annotations, More

Spotify Announces New 'Behind the Lyrics' Playlists With Fun Facts, Annotations, More

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Spotify has partnered with Genius to launch new 'Behind the Lyrics' playlists that offer lyrical excerpts, fun facts, annotations, and stories straight from the artists and from the Genius community.

Starting today, Genius-powered tracks are live on a brand-new Genius x Spotify playlist, Behind the Lyrics: Hip-Hop. There are also three artist-driven playlists featuring our launch artists Pusha T, Tinashe, and Diplo! (Keep your eyes peeled for more playlists—a pop one is premiering VERY soon…)

“I’ve partnered with Genius and Spotify to take you ‘Behind The Lyrics’ of my greatest songs because every word that I write means something to me,” says Pusha T. “Together we’ve found a way to bring my fans a deeper listening experience and raise the bar for songwriters.”

“Spotify and Genius are creating a really cool connection between me and my fans on another level than I normally can connect with them,” says Tinashe. “Not only are they able to hear the music and see the lyrics, but they are also able to understand where I was coming from when I wrote them and kind of get inside my head, which is really cool.”

“Being a producer and writer, I really love to see how some songs resonate with fans from the feeling / meaning or just sound of the records,” says Diplo. “I have always been a person that dissects music and studies it. I was a sample spotter and I learned how to make music by listening to it. Genius and Spotify are working together to break down music to the bare bones and get deeper into its true core.”

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