Nissan Unveils an Intelligent Parking Chair [Video]

Nissan Unveils an Intelligent Parking Chair [Video]

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Nissan has unveiled an 'Intelligent Parking Chair' inspired by the technology used by its cars to self park.

Nissan has a technology called "Intelligent Parking Assist." The steering wheel moves automatically and parks your car. This is a very useful function not only for those who are bad at parking, but also for skillful drivers who are tired and less focused after a long drive. I wanted more people to know and experience this useful function.

We created these office chairs inspired by the Nissan Intelligent Parking Assist. The chairs automatically return to their original positions, and that's exactly what the Intelligent Parking Assist can do. The meeting is finally over, they are so exhausted that they forget about restoring chairs to their original state. These innovative chairs help create a more comfortable and convenient office environment.

To use the Intelligent Parking Assist, first you input a location where you wish to park your car. Then all you are left to do is to press on the accelerator or apply the brakes while steering wheel automatically adjusts the position and parks your vehicle. This technology will help realize the autonomous driving in near future. The intelligent Parking Chair works the same way. Preset the layout of the chairs, and they will return to their predetermined positions with just one quick step.

Motion detection cameras set at each corner of the meeting room detect the location of each chair. (Based on the information from these cameras) the program controls these chairs and brings them back to their original positions. The joy of driving without monotonous and boring moments. This is Nissan's blueprint of the future of autonomous drive. I think office automation will accelerate further to support busy office workers.

Take a look at the video below...

Imri - February 15, 2016 at 7:36pm
They will need to use a special program to enable it to park where I live...
Imri - February 15, 2016 at 7:37pm
This parking spot is so perfect of course it would easily park in it