Apple Posts Two New iPhone 6s Ads: Live Photos and Less Time [Video]

Apple Posts Two New iPhone 6s Ads: Live Photos and Less Time [Video]

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Apple has posted two new video ads for the iPhone 6s entitled, 'Live Photos' and 'Less Time'.

Take a look at the ads below...

Live Photos:
The iPhone 6s shoots photos that come alive when you touch them. And when they do, you get much more than just a picture.

Less Time:
With 3D Touch on iPhone 6s you can do a ton of stuff in a lot less time.

Paul Smyth - February 18, 2016 at 6:11am
Who cares anymore? We all need to focus on solving some huge problems in the world and not care about some irrelevant improvement to some app that Apple sees as ground breaking. I've been a fan of Apple for 30 years but no more. Give us something the world really needs; not a watch or car, but solutions to real problems that billions face every day. How about iBottle to purify water or iFood so thousands don't starve everyday while you are selling 75M iPhones.
. - February 18, 2016 at 1:03pm
3S touch is groundbreaking because many apps have updated to allow new features to work with it and so do games now. I've always been a fan of apple, but jeez dude, a new iPhone from scratch won't dissapoint compared to s models usually fixing problems from a new iPhone from scratch. At least they're still trying to add variety to it.
Hugh Massengill - February 18, 2016 at 1:16pm
Imagine war with China. Now imagine billions of people who are interacting and learning about each other and caring how lives in other countries get on. Imagine peace. I do. I cherish the daydream of a day that, while country borders exist and are important, people are so linked by the internet that they truly are one people and would much rather watch each other's cat videos than be lured by power hungry leaders into the horrors of war. Don't fool yourself. What Apple is doing, what the tech industry is doing, is of massive importance. And that comes from a very low income person with a very cynical attitude. But I do have an iMac and hope to afford an iphone. Hugh Massengill, Eugene