Adobe XD Gets Fixed Elements, Overlays, More [Video]

Adobe XD Gets Fixed Elements, Overlays, More [Video]

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Adobe announced an update to Adobe XD today which brings fixed elements, overlays, productivity enhancements, and a new private sharing feature.

Here's a look at the improvements...

Fixed elements
One of our most requested features, fixed elements, allows you to set design objects to a fixed position on an artboard. You can layer them above or below other design objects, so that headers, footers, menus, etc. travel with the user as they scroll down your artboard. Fixed elements appear not only in Desktop Preview, but also Prototypes and Design Specs live on the web, giving the viewer of your design a much more realistic interaction experience.

Overlay support
Adobe XD now allows you to easily stack content on top of another artboard rather than duplicate it on multiple artboards, simulating elements like dropdown menus, slide-up keyboards, or lightbox effects. And overlays, like fixed elements, work beautifully in both the Desktop Preview and live on the web in Prototypes and Design Specs.

Private sharing (beta)
You are now able to create a new private link for your prototypes and invite someone to view it by email. You can include a message, and once they’ve received your email, they will be able to view and comment on your design (they’ll need to have an Adobe ID, which they can get for free by following the prompts).

Team members can then be removed at any time for the last published prototype or design spec, and shared designs are easier than ever to view, review, and track via a unified web portal.

Improved crop and place image fills
In earlier versions of Adobe XD, when you dragged images from the desktop, or dropped image files into a shape or path, you couldn’t crop or reposition the image. That’s all changed with this latest update.

More new features:
● Improved Photoshop and Sketch image fill support: Now that we support image fill editability (see above), we can now retain that editability in files converted from Photoshop and Sketch.
● Math calculations in Property Fields: Just as in other Adobe applications like InDesign, Muse, and Illustrator, you can now use simple math to calculate values when designing in Adobe XD.
● Support for Typekit on Mobile: XD documents loaded from Creative Cloud files will automatically find and sync any Typekit fonts used in the document.

You can download Adobe XD CC from the link below!

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