Apple Will Have a Predictable 2011? [Timeline]

Apple Will Have a Predictable 2011? [Timeline]

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Apple analyst Gene Munster has released his roadmap for Apple in 2011, BusinessInsider reports. Unlike 2010, Apple isn't expected to wow with new products. Rather, 2011 is set for many minor improvements to existing devices.

Major Announcements:
● Verizon launch of the iPhone: Probability 95% (March qtr) (our est)
● Mac App Store: Probability 100% (Jan. 6 launch)
● iTunes cloud services: Probability 90%
● iPad geographic expansion: Probability 100%
● iPad subsidies from carriers: Probability 80%
● OS X Lion: Probability 100% (summer 2011)

Hardware Upgrades:
● iPhone (March quarter). We are modeling for Apple to launch a CDMA version of the iPhone at Verizon in the March-11 quarter. The fifth generation iPhone will likely ship this summer with NFC capability.
● iPad (spring). We believe the second generation iPad will launch in spring 2011.
● Macs (uncertain). We have moderate confidence that Apple will release redesigned MacBook Pros in 1H11 and redesigned iMacs in 2H11.
● iPods (fall). As usual, we expect Apple to refresh its iPods in the fall.

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