Apple Will Bid At Nortel Patent Auction

Apple Will Bid At Nortel Patent Auction

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Apple, Intel, Ericsson, RPX, and Google are some of the technology giants that will vie for Nortel's patent portfolio later this month, according to the WSJ. Nortel has delayed the auction by seven days until June 27 due to a "significant level of interest".

The now bankrupt Canadian telecom-equipment maker is auctioning off a treasure trove of about 6,000 patents that cover areas such as Wi-Fi, social networking, and LTE.

Google has already cleared its intent to bid with the U.S. Justice Department avoiding any antitrust issues. According to the WSJ, it made an initial $900 million "stalking horse" bid citing the need to protect itself from a growing number of patent-infringement suits.

It's unclear which exact patents Apple is interested in or how much they are expected to bid.

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Apple Will Bid At Nortel Patent Auction