Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs at the John Adams Institute [Video]

Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs at the John Adams Institute [Video]

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Walter Isaacson gives a twenty minute speech and participates in an hour long discussion about Steve Jobs at the John Adams Institute.

The mission of the John Adams Institute is to provide a window into the United States for Dutch audiences. Their main way of carrying this out is by bringing notable Americans--novelists, politicians, historians, scientists, screenwriters, poets--to the Netherlands, and having them talk about their work and their insights.

Isaacson relays many of the stories from the biography and shares new tidbits that you may not have heard before.

Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple. He was the one that gave the world the iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Jobs was also an eccentric who was able to burst into tears at any time if he didn't get what he wanted and refused to wear a hospital mask because he simply didn't like the design. In his phenomenal biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson has painted a perfect image of the genius of our time. An evening with the man who is actually becoming a legend as well: former editor-in-chief of Time, former head of CNN, and the current director of the Aspen Institute and bestselling author. Enjoy after break!

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