The Backstory Behind Apple's Internal '1944' Marketing Video

The Backstory Behind Apple's Internal '1944' Marketing Video

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Michael Markman, former creative director at Image Stream, gives us the backstory on Apple's '1944' internal marketing video that was recently unearthed.

I called Chris in L.A. to outline what we were thinking. War movie. Stock footage from the D-day landings. Chaplin as Adenoid Hynkel hanging on the wall. Mac marketing team in cameo roles. And the topper: Steve as FDR. He said he'd start looking for a director (or maybe he had one in mind).

Glenn, Mike, and I marched into Steve's office to give him the pitch. Pretty much the way I outlined it in the previous paragraph. Steve's eyes were sparkling through it all. By the time I got to, "and you as FDR," I had made the sale. In the binary universe of Steve Jobs, something is either a zero or a one. This was a one. Instantly. Definitively.

You can read the full story at the link below...

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