Apple to Update Mac Pro Next Week

Apple to Update Mac Pro Next Week

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Apple will reportedly update its Mac Pro lineup next week and has already begun recalling stock from its retail stores, reports MacRumors.

The says that Apple began recalling Mac Pro stocks from its retail stores several weeks ago, with retail store staff having been instructed to inform customers that they may still order the machines online.

Further confirmation comes form 9to5Mac whose sources have been able to provide some part numbers and prices to prove this:


The pricing is said to be similar to current Mac Pro and the configurations are for two standard and one server model.

It's unclear whether the new computers will feature the previously rumored rackable design.

With a year having passed since we heard about these prototype Mac Pros and the ability of Thunderbolt to offload a lot of the expandability, the final new Mac Pro designs could be different than the current designs but we haven't yet heard definitively either way.

WWDC 2012 may be the biggest simultaneous launch of new Macs in Apple history with at least four out of their five Mac lines predicted to be refreshed at the June 11 WWDC kickoff keynote.

Apple to Update Mac Pro Next Week

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