FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 Update

FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 Update

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FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 and FileMaker Advanced 9.0v2 Updater have been posted on the FileMaker support site.

New in FileMaker Pro 9.0v2

1.1. Mac OS X 10.5:
- 1.1.1. The application no longer crashes when creating files if the system language and region do not match.
- 1.1.2. For the latest Actual Technologies drivers, please check their website.

- 1.2.1. Mac OS X: Get(SystemVersion) now returns the correct version on Mac OS X operating systems ending with double digit revision numbers, i.e. 10.4.10.
- 1.2.2. Records will no longer disappear from a portal related to another portal after approximately 400 records are added.
- 1.2.3. The database consistency check initiated on launch will no longer incorrectly report that a database is damaged for some databases that can be opened and used without any problems.

1.3. Print:
- 1.3.1. Printing UK, Australia, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese standard labels no longer discards data from printouts and print preview.
- 1.3.2. The application no longer crashes when a page range is specified.

1.4. Relationships:
- 1.4.1. A relationship with a global field now returns all related records if the value of the other key is empty.
- 1.4.2. The application no longer freezes when displaying a layout that opens an external file via a relationship.

1.5. External Data Sources:
- 1.5.1. Windows: The application no longer freezes when navigating records on an external data source table if all records that are cached in FileMaker get deleted in the data source side.
- 1.5.2. Mac OS X: SQLServer 2005: Certain trailing upper ASCII characters no longer get deleted from nvarcharmax and ntext fields when information is pasted or edited in a field.
- 1.5.3. In a file with a non-US file locale, searching for decimal values with non-period decimal separators will no longer fail.

1.6. Scripting:
- 1.6.1 A host machine no longer crashes if a client uses a Re-login script and tries to reset a password for which a limited length has been specified.
- 1.6.2. A client machine no longer crashes if a client uses a Re-login script and tries to reset a password for which a limited length has been specified.
- 1.6.3. Mac OS X: The application no longer crashes when closing multiple files that contain script groups.
- 1.6.4. Fixed an issue where button scripts were not shown in the Perform Script Options dialog after scripts were grouped on the client in a peer-to-peer networking situation.

1.7. Export:
- 1.7.1 XML export now performs correctly when the destination path includes upper ASCII or Asian characters.

1.8. Recovery:
- 1.8.1. Improvements added to index recovery.

1.9. Plugins:
- 1.9.1. Added the ability to set repetitions via the ExecuteSQL entry point that is in our plug-in SDK.

1.10. xDBC:
- 1.10.1. Databases that have ODBC or JDBC clients connected can now be closed correctly.
- 1.10.2. It is now possible to set date and timestamp fields to null values using Java PreparedStatement objects.
- 1.10.3 Numbers are now formatted correctly for Italian when returned using a Java PreparedStatement object.

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FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 Update
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