TVOut For Any iPhone Application

TVOut For Any iPhone Application

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Lance Fetters (Ashikase) has created a mobile substrate plug-in that enables TVOut for any iPhone application.

The application is hosted on the BigBoss repository and is still under development. Here are the current features and known issues.

- TVOut capability can be set on a per-application basis.
- A background image can be displayed by placing a JPEG file at the following location: /var/mobile/Library/TVOut/wallpaper.jpg

Known Issues
- Support for displaying SpringBoard and the statusbar via TV-out is currently disabled.
- Certain OpenGL-based applications (such as Google Earth) do not display properly.
- OpenGL-based applications do not work when a background image is set
- Applications that already support TV-out (iPod, YouTube) also have issues with background images; they also fail to play video if the application itself (and not just the video window) is set to use the TV display.

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TVOut For Any iPhone ApplicationTVOut For Any iPhone ApplicationTVOut For Any iPhone Application