AT&T and Apple Fight Over Data Leakage in iOS 6

AT&T and Apple Fight Over Data Leakage in iOS 6

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AT&T and Apple have been pointing fingers at each other ever since the release of iOS 6 regarding the unusual amount of data that some devices are using, reports Forbes. Many support threads have popped up on Apple's own forum -- with some reaching over 100,000 views.

Apple quickly released a carrier update for Verizon which seemed to fix the issue, however AT&T customers have been left in the dark.

AT&T points the finger at Apple, instructing customers to turn off cellular data for all system services, and often credits the customer. Apple on the other hand has yet to acknowledge the issue even exists.

When contacted by Forbes' Steven Rosenbaum, an Apple senior advisor had this to say:

Hello Steven,

"I have reviewed your message regarding the data usage. What I have researched about this issue is the data usage from your iPhone can be high and I understand that a plan with data can be costly. But my input about that is if you can be ok or are able to better manage the data usage the iPhone has, that is great. However, if you feel it is best to change in order to keep a handle on the data your phone uses, that’s ok. I am glad to help you with this issue in any way I can.

Sincerely, ~ Rob Armstrong
 Apple iOS Senior Advisor

AT&T's official response to the problem is even less helpful:

Hi Steve,

We appreciate your feedback and have taken it to heart. While your situation appears to be an anomaly we always want our customers to have the best experience possible, and we’re working every day to make our customer experience even better.

Mark Siegel AT&T spokesman

It appears as though the companies have been blaming each other for the problem while customers are stuck footing the bill. According to Forbes, the situation has reached the point where customers are contacting the FCC who is investing the allegations.

However, there does appear to be a ray of hope, Forbes now says there are rumblings of a high level meeting between the companies to address the issue.

Let us know in the comments if you are experiencing this issue and what Apple or AT&T has told you about it.

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AT&T and Apple Fight Over Data Leakage in iOS 6
Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers - September 19, 2013 at 7:00pm
I'm in Germany using Telekom. I had an iPhone 5, now have a 4S. Using both phones with iOS 6, I have reached my data limit of 300MB within a few days of a new billing cycle—not less than 3 times. No videos, no streaming audio, no app updates over cellular... In every situation it was the same: I used the Maps navigation feature, I ended the navigation, and thereafter, my phone overheated while locked and without anything running (that I knew of), and later, sometime in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, I got a message that I had reached my data limit. So, I've attributed my data leakage to Maps, and specifically when using navigation. Can anyone else confirm this pattern?
YesmeTOO - September 4, 2013 at 7:19pm
Absolutely - after switching my iPhone 3GS to IOS 6 and on two new iPhone 5's as well. The same thing: middle of the night data, no matter what is turned on or off...tripling or quadrupling the supposed data usage per person, with huge overage fees on AT&T. Now everything on the phones is turned off....we're back in the dark ages. And locked into these contracts.
RH - June 7, 2013 at 3:41pm
I am having this problem. Since I upgrade from a 4S to 5, AT&T has been charging me with excess data charges every month. Seems that even when I am on my home's WiFi, i am getting charged for AT&T's internet service (double charge). Never had that problem with the 4S. I have been working with AT&T's technical department and they claim they never heard of a data leakage problem. I told them to read about it on the Internet. The only solution they have is to manually turn off the AT&T service when you arrive at home. That's it folks - we just took a hugh step backwards...
MCTex - June 5, 2013 at 4:43pm
We're having this problem currently. One of our phones uses very large amounts of data at night. Apples solution was to turn off cellular data, which translates to why have a smart phone (HELLO Apple). We've had it with that last few Apple OS updates on one of our phones, the other is fine. Our contract is up and since Apple and AT&T don't seem to be able to get this resolved we will probably change to another phone and/or provider.
MassiveWanker - June 1, 2013 at 9:08am
Apple refusing to acknowledge a massive bug affecting millions of users?! No... If it's 10,000 users it's not even considering acknowledging. If it's 100,000 affected users it's still just coincidence. When it hits 1,000,000 it's "mass hysteria" and/or a breakout of Lycanthropy that is diseasing the possessed minds of the hoard. When do they give a s***? When it starts hitting major news outlets. Bad publicity. That's all they care about. False image and then ignore customers. Their user-help-user disaster of a support forum is rife with frustration and clenched fists, but that's the way the game works. It worked for O.J. right? As Chris Rock said, "you gotta stick with your lie!" Protocol: Ignore everything until the outcry becomes a mob scene. Deny the problem exists until you cannot hold out any longer. Admit it could, maybe, possibly be an issue- but it only affects about people, likely, so it's not a problem worth fixing. Ease in a little more and say again that it possibly could affect up to 25 users. Once millions of users are carrying expensive bricks, call your customers whining bitches and agree to fix the problem. Take 6 months to 1 year to release said fix. Ensure the "fix" breaks more than it fixes. Repeat cycle. I'm being facetious obviously but honestly that's not too damn far off from reality!
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