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Microsoft Releases Major Update to OneNote for iPhone, iPad, Android [Video]

Microsoft Releases Major Update to OneNote for iPhone, iPad, Android [Video]

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Microosft has released major updates of OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Android. OneNote is the company's digital notebook app for capturing what's important in your personal and professional life.

These apps are based on an almost entirely new code base that delivers a full-powered OneNote experience across each device with more reliable sync that "just works." Our re-engineering investment also enables us to continue making improvements more quickly moving forward.

Same Note, same look...everywhere
With the new OneNote updates all formatting looks exactly the same across devices - this includes text formatting, tables with shading and borders, layout and so on. Hyperlinks and note tags are consistently supported. Even ink from your Windows tablet is shown on iOS and Android now. In short, your notes look the same, all the time, on all devices.

Style it your way
OneNote for iPad now has the Office Ribbon UI that makes it easy to design and layout your notes exactly as you want. You have access to the rich formatting you know and love from the other Office apps -- text formatting including font, size color, style, bold, italic, underline, strike through, highlighting and paragraph formatting such as bullets, numbering, indent, and alignment. You can insert and edit tables. You can edit hyperlinks. You can create check lists and tag your notes with a variety of's all there!

Share with others
Business users needed the ability to sync work notebooks with Office 365 and SharePoint, and that's now live in the new apps! As always, the apps sync great with SkyDrive, but we've made that simpler and more reliable, too. OneNote also now lets multiple people edit a note at the same time and see other peoples changes simultaneously (unlike most note taking apps in which you'll lose what you wrote if anyone else edits the note at the same time).

What's New In This Version:
*IMPORTANT: Upgrading users should sync their existing application data before upgrading*
• Updated navigation makes it easier to view and find your notes
• Improved note formatting and consistency across your devices
• Create tables or edit existing tables
• Ink annotations and rich text formatting now viewable
• Full page view lets your notes fill the screen
• Automatically sync your notes to SkyDrive Pro and SharePoint
• Most recently used notebook lists sync across devices

You can download Microsoft OneNote for iPad from the App Store for free.

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Microsoft Releases Major Update to OneNote for iPhone, iPad, Android [Video]

Microsoft Releases Major Update to OneNote for iPhone, iPad, Android [Video]

Andrew - July 1, 2013 at 4:21pm
Interesting that they included no Windows devices in that video lol
LoL - July 1, 2013 at 4:02pm
And no update for OneNote on Windows Phone???? :-) Interesting :D