Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM Has Already Been Leaked

Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM Has Already Been Leaked

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Microsoft has started releasing Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 to hardware partners ahead of the public October 18th release; however, the update has already leaked online.

Thanks, in part, to customer feedback and an unparalleled level of collaboration across product teams, Windows 8.1 is a significant update. We have delivered in a very short time an update to the OS that will bring an even greater unified experience for our customers. As we consider the code we just handed off, and the new intuitive and fluid computing experience it provides - anytime, anywhere, across all devices – we’re confident we made the right bet in continuing our vision and following through on our commitment to rapid innovation and responsive engineering.

Microsoft has indicated that the release is only for hardware partners and will not be available any earlier to commercial customers or MSDN subscribers.

While our partners are preparing these exciting new devices we will continue to work closely with them as we put the finishing touches on Windows 8.1 to ensure a quality experience at general availability on October 18th. This is the date when Windows 8.1 will be broadly available for commercial customers with or without volume licensing agreements, our broad partner ecosystem, subscribers to MSDN and TechNet, as well as consumers.

Despite not being available for nearly two months, WinBeta is reporting that the 64-bit release has already been leaked.

"The Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM build is native Chinese, we assume you can translate this build with the build in language+region settings however we are yet to confirm this. We do not recommend you download leaked builds, however as this is the RTM it is finished code, do what you will with it, but don't say we didn't warn you."

You can learn more about the new features in Windows 8.1 here.

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Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM Has Already Been Leaked

ratGT - August 28, 2013 at 7:17am
@Lol, @Nuck Chorris --- Before trying to act smart on an Apple related website, think about growing up and becoming tech literate before throwing out child rants! So, if we go back to basics, Apple FIRST came out with a consumer PC that had GUI, Windows, mouse and cursor. Also, Apple released world's FIRST MULTITOUCH Smartphone, to be followed by world's FIRST multitouch pad/ slate device. Now that you've learned some real tech history, go back to re-educating yourselves and give more value to your child-like lives...
bobdupa - August 28, 2013 at 10:50am
they did not invent any of these things, they just copied others work. One day when you figure what comprehensive reading is about, maybe you will understand. Pinch zoom gestures, multitouch displays were shown many times in various movies from Hollywood years before iphone. GUI MacOS is a concept of WYSIWYG systems that took billions of dollars to develop in 70thies and Apple just copied it. And MacOS is copied from Unix
bobdupa - August 28, 2013 at 6:33pm
what awards ? In 90thies there were feature phones that still have more features than iphone today. There were singletouch palm treos and to differentiate from it Jobs decided to remove keyboard and put multitouch screen instead so he could yell marketing "1st phone without keyboard" How it is invention ? It is not even innovation to force people to use more fingers very bad design, you actually need two hands to use iphone and what about people with disabilities and safe driving. Apple has nothing to do with mp3 unless you meant they were sued for copying mp3 and lost case
bobdupa - August 29, 2013 at 10:01am
hahahahaha jd powers funded by cupertino among others as part of pump&dump scheme you are sooooo lame. Touch screeen keyboard that makes actual viewing area smaller than keyboard phone display yep brilliant. And yes feature phones had mp3 and app stores long before your daddy condom broke. You started calling names so it is best proof psycho fanboy heard some truth today !
Tinmania - August 29, 2013 at 12:09pm
Bobduche: apple copied? and reading comprehensive?? .. I guess you have very extensive reading comprehensive skills by just looking at how you put those inappropriate words around... Besides, most operating system stems from one another and it isn't big of surprise. What surprises me is though, your statement .. haha you Asian kids make me laugh out loud ..
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