Foxconn to Help Apple Ship Products in China?

Foxconn to Help Apple Ship Products in China?

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Foxconn will reportedly help Apple sell products in China and ship its products directly to the domestic market from plants in Zhengzhou, reports DigiTimes.

Since China has already become a major market for the IT industry, Apple has been aggressively trying to expand its presence in the country. But Apple needs support, and it is expected to rely on Foxconn to help it provide logistic and after-sale maintenance services in China. Foxconn and Apple also have reached an agreement with China's customs authorities and already started directly shipping a small amount of products to the China market in September, the sources claimed.

Previously, Apple had first shipped its devices to Hong Kong or Shenzhen to complete export procedures before they were then imported back into China for sale to customers.

The change will reduce Apple's import taxes and could end up making Apple products cheaper in China.

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Foxconn to Help Apple Ship Products in China?

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