Chrome for iOS Reveals Searches Made in Incognito Mode [Video]

Chrome for iOS Reveals Searches Made in Incognito Mode [Video]

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Chrome for iOS reveals searches you've made in Incognito Mode; however, Google reports that the behavior is a limitation of iOS.

Development and design firm Parallax discovered that when you use the Chrome search/address bar in Incognito mode, your history will show up when you return to standard browsing in Google's mobile website search bar, reports TechCrunch.

Google has acknowledged the behavior but says it is an unfortunate but unavoidable loophole that comes with building a browser on iOS.

The company points us to a support document on the issue.

On Chrome for iOS, due to platform limitation regular and incognito* tabs share HTML5 local storage, which is typically used by sites to store files on your device (client-side caching) or to provide offline functionality. This means the same sites can always access their data in this storage in both regular and incognito* tabs. Incognito* tabs will still keep browsing history and cookies separate from regular tabs, which are cleared once those tabs are closed.

As Apple has full control over the platform, Safari for iOS does not have this issue.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration...

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