Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Apple Over Location Tracking

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Apple Over Location Tracking

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Judge Lucy Koh has dismissed a lawsuit against Apple for alleged violations of its privacy policy and location tracking, reports Reuters.

The four plaintiffs claimed in 2011 that Apple had violated its privacy policy, saying the iPhone maker had designed its iOS environment to easily transmit personal information to third parties that collect and analyze such data without user consent or detection. They also claimed that they suffered damages by paying too much money for their iPhones and by losing storage space, among other things, according to court documents.

The lawsuit stems from a discovery in April 2011 that iOS versions 4.1 and later had been storing location co-ordinates from June 21, 2010, through April 27, 2011 even if Location Services had been turned off. Once the discovery was made public, Apple resolved the issue with a firmware update.

U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh dismissed the case against Apple saying, "Plaintiffs must be able to provide some evidence that they saw one or more of Apple's alleged misrepresentations, that they actually relied on those misrepresentations, and that they were harmed thereby."

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Apple Over Location Tracking

odedo1 - November 29, 2013 at 3:55am
Apple already lost this case at a different court forcing them to cut down on the location database from 6 month to 2 weeks on the iphone.
Fukran John - November 28, 2013 at 11:37pm
This judge is really funny. lol. Taking hell lot a money from Aple and verdict against Samsung. Judge get a share out of it. lol