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LA Board of Education Approves $115 Million Deal to Bring iPads to 38 More Campuses

LA Board of Education Approves $115 Million Deal to Bring iPads to 38 More Campuses

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The Los Angeles Board of Education has approved a $115 Million plan to bring Apple iPad to 38 additional school campuses, reports the Los Angeles Times. The deal will fall short of the 67,500 tablets the district staff had requested, but will provide around 40,000 - 50,000 units instead.

Board members approved a $115-million proposal that removed entirely a cap on how many iPads the district could buy for standardized testing scheduled for the spring. But they insist the number will be well below the 67,500 tablets the district staff had recommended. The iPads used for testing will be shared by different classes during the six weeks of testing.

The oversight committee, relying on a district analysis, had recommended purchasing about 38,500 tablets for testing.

Senior L.A. Unified officials, however, decided that schools should have more tablets in the event of unexpected problems. A majority of the oversight panel decided there was no justification for the 30,000 additional tablets. Even the lower figure, 38,500, was likely to be much larger than needed, according to a review by a consultant for the oversight committee.

The iPads will primarily be used for standardized testing scheduled for the spring.The district is putting up $768 per each device, much higher than what the device is worth, however, that cost includes network upgrades at the schools, as well as curriculum for classrooms using iPads.

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LA Board of Education Approves $115 Million Deal to Bring iPads to 38 More Campuses

guybaker - January 17, 2014 at 3:41am
Perhaps someone should get creative and talk to Apple's CEO suggesting a deal along the lines of what was done over 30 years ago, . . . "Apple’s sustained growth during the early 1980s was in great part due to its leadership in the education sector, attributed to an implementation of the LOGO Programming Language by Logo Computer Systems Inc., (LCSI), for the Apple II platform. The success of Apple and LOGO in the education environment provided Apple with a broad base of loyal users around the world. The drive into education was accentuated in California by a momentous agreement concluded between Steve Jobs and Jim Baroux of LCSI, agreeing with the donation of one Apple II and one Apple LOGO software package to each public school in the state. The arrangement, (eventually replicated in Texas), established a strong and pervasive presence for Apple in all schools throughout California, that ignited the acquisition of Apple IIs in schools across the country. The conquest of education became critical to Apple’s acceptance in the home, as parents supported children’s continued learning experience after school."
Nat - January 15, 2014 at 11:41pm
Perfect, now we need macs for these schools.