Griffin Introduces Its New PowerMate Bluetooth Controller [Video]

Griffin Introduces Its New PowerMate Bluetooth Controller [Video]

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Griffin recently offered us a look at the new PowerMate Bluetooth, a wireless programmable controller that replaces keystrokes.

"First introduced in 2001, PowerMate has proven to have exceptional staying power within the CE marketplace, an industry known for its rapid product life cycles and fated obsolescence," said Mark Rowan, President at Griffin Technology. "The original PowerMate, with its timeless design and functionality, has garnered a dedicated user base and we're certain PowerMate Bluetooth will carry on the legacy."

PowerMate Bluetooth functions beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Mac computers, but that's just the beginning of its possibilities. PowerMate is preset to work with iMovie and GarageBand right out of the box, making editing a breeze. But it’s not just for multimedia; users can follow the easy instructions to add custom commands within their preferred applications. Spin PowerMate like a wheel to quickly move through large multimedia files, spreadsheets, and word processor documents, or click it like a mouse to select text or perform commands.

The peripheral features a brushed aluminum design with a pulsing blue LED that can be configured to provide system status. Multiple PowerMates can be paired to one computer allowing users to assign various commands to each.

The PowerMate Bluetooth will be available in Summer 2014 for $59.99 for both Mac laptops and desktops.

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Griffin Introduces Its New PowerMate Bluetooth Controller [Video]

Fredrik S - January 27, 2014 at 10:24am
do you guys have 60 bucks to be wasted? put it on some charity or a useful thing at least.
Nat - January 27, 2014 at 12:19pm