What Men and Women Want From a New Phone [Chart]

What Men and Women Want From a New Phone [Chart]

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A Nielsen survey looks at the key features of mobile phones that appeal to both men and women, which aren't always the same.

Globally, while more men gravitate toward tech-savvy mobile phone attributes like operating system (48% men vs. 41% women), battery life (48% vs. 44%), screen size (38% vs. 34%) and processor speed (41% vs. 31%) when shopping for a new device, more women are influenced by price (72% women vs. 67% men), service contract terms (27% vs. 25%) and camera capability (32% vs. 30%).

Mashable and Statista have compiled the Nielsen data into a nice chart which can be seen below.

Take a look. Do you agree with their findings?

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What Men and Women Want From a New Phone [Chart]
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